Happy Valentines Day

Happy Love Day! Nothing special happened today for me. It was another day at the job. Sat all day in a training class that we had to move from HQ to the hotel we were staying in due to the snow storm. Didn't want anyone of us crashing and burning on the Garden State.

I did get an interesting call from one of my former colleagues at the blue football today. One of the National Account Managers called to ask me about the status of Lipitor on the formulary at Johns Hopkins. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. I told him that I was no longer with Pfizer and couldn't help him. I wanted to tell him that it is now my mission in life to have Lipitor removed from every formulary associated with Johns Hopkins, but it IS the day of LOVE, so I just let him go about his merry way. Figure it out for yourself - buddy boy!

Two more day left of the training class and then I'm back home for a week. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed - Sleep Number 60 (at the moment)

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  1. Aren't those sleep number beds wonderful? We want one!

    Glad your week of boring torture is nearly over. I hope you have a wonderful week off...

    Travel safe.