Ladies Hat & Tea Party

Yesterday, I attended a tea & hat party at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC with some of the most wonderful and beautiful women on the planet...of course, I'm biased. CreoleInDC put it all together and we all met up in our afternoon tea finery. Turns out that we really didn't have tea...it ended up more like a Hat & Cocktail Party. We just a bunch of lushes anyway.

It was so fun to get all dressed up - very girly, girl of us all. I haven't spent this much time putting together an ensemble in a long time and I loved every minute of it. From picking out my hat, finding flowers to dress it up, to selecting shoes and jewelry...just a bunch of good ole fashioned girl fun.

Yep. Yep.

I have to admit that I was not impressed AT ALL with Tea Service at the Mandarin. That was a whole lot of money for poor service and a very untraditional tea. I'll stick with the formal & traditional tea at The Ritz or The Four Seasons. If CreoleInDC had not gotten up to make a plate of the standard sweets & sandwiches, I would have sat there for-damn-ever waiting for them to bring out my stand of said goodies. They never bothered to come over and ask what type of tea you would like, no individual tea pots w/warmers & cozies like at The Ritz. You just pick a dag on tea bag and they poured some hot water on it. Ummm...NO. Ya'll know I'm a snob, right...well, if you are going to advertise it as High Tea, then you damn well better serve it like a high tea. The Mandarin needs to go over and get some lessons. Look it up.

What the Mandarin had going on was an overpriced buffet of desserts with a side of stinginess with the tea sandwiches & a dollop of attitude. The overworked server even had the nerve to say, when asked if we could get some more to the tea sandwiches, "The chef told me not to come back and ask for anymore." DA HELL. For $35 friggin dollars, you better be back there whippin up as many damn sandwiches as we can eat.

What the Mandarin did not serve up, the company I was with did. Funny, beautiful, engaging...tell it like it is sisters who are comfortable telling it and strong enough to handle the truth if asked for an opinion. My kind of women. CreoleInDC even brought hostess gifts for everyone - a lovely decorated jar of bath teas that smell just heavenly and I can't wait to use in my tub. Just LOVERLY!

After we killed another 4 hours telling stories and laughing it up, a few of us came over to my house - a couple of the men folk joined us - where we cut up until about 11pm. I laughed so hard last night, I thought I was gonna need a kidney transplant. Barbara's man was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS - but when VaughnKendrick (I don't even know if that is how you spell it, but we all said it very dramatical like every time) told the story of how Barbara put him on a sales quota for the "Classroom Store" he runs in a business class he teaches and was pimping him out/shaking him down for her cut of the profits...I just died. D.E.A.D. A scream!

And let me tell you, these heffa's put down not one, but TWO pitchers of Pama Margarita's. "Ummm, Lisa, you gonna make another one." Let me get right on it. It was a blast.

A great day all around.