Random Ramblings

* I mentioned to my girlfriend Terri that I was considering container gardening. This woman sends off a book on Square Foot Gardening and a set of 6 glass lanterns for my yard. I love my friends.

* I'm still "considering"...lot of work for a girl who kill plants on sight.

* The new movie "Star Trek" was fan-fuggin-tastic. PERIOD. I was born in the wrong century cause I damn sure would have gone where no one has gone before...although I certainly would have pee'd myself doing a halo jump from a shuttle craft on to a platform about the size of a swimming pool. FO SHO.

* I love this quote and try to live it : Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says - "Oh crap...she's awake!!"

* Question: Go a week in advance to babysit dogs so they can get used to you before you need to actually dog sit OR come to your grandson's graduation? Is it really that hard to decide? Seriously.

* My sister had the audacity to call up her mother & children she housed in her "rent a womb" for nine months crying, screaming, cursing (and then hanging up on) for not calling her to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. AS IF. Erin, being her, told my sister "I have already wished my mother a Happy Mother's Day". My sister called Erin & Charlee ungrateful and hungup. STOP THE MADNESS.

* Sometimes I hate family SOOOOOOO friggin much.

* Liquor make some people think that they are grown, pay all da bills, can make the rules and can say what they want, when they want. Ummmm...NO!

* I went to an event last Friday that I just didn't feel like going to, but knew it needed to be done. Turns out I was in the right place, at the right time.

* When Opportunity knocks...are you prepared (have you been preparing) or have you been on the sidelines whining about how nothing good ever happens to you? Hmmmmm....

* I'm having a 24 Season Finale Watch Party. What was that?....you gotta go to work or some ish...DEN STAY YO AZZ HOME! Jeeze. Betcha if it was happening at the club, you'd go. WHATEVA. Some people make me tired.

* People do what they want to do. DO IT THEN. You don't need to give a bunch of excuses. "No" is an acceptable and sufficient answer.

* Getting the Ponderosa Graduation ready is no small feat. I finally painted a wall that I had repaired like over a year ago. Somethings ya'll just gonna have to talk about me about.

* I pulling together pictures of Jordan from birth to today to make a video slide show to present at the Graduation Party. I've got some body work to do. Alas.

* Imma need people to review my post on "Internet Intelligence" and apply it to their lives. There is no need for all this drama ON THE FRIGGIN INTERNET.

* My BFF Soror's son got a track scholarship to college. We are both now pouring ourselves a cocktail, plopping down on the couch, and exhaling big time...we dodged that college tuition bullet. Thank you, Jesus!

* It weirds me out when random people follow me on Twitter...I mean SOOOOOO friggin random, there is no rhyme or reason to what would make them follow little ole me. Creepy.

* I unfriended a person on FB yesterday cause I was SICK & DAMN TIRED of his updates that lamented, bashed or criticized an alleged woman he dated/loved - WHO KNOWS. I was tired of the drivel, bye bye. I didn't know him anyway.

* I also learned some new stuff on FB on how to limit, hide, and keep people out of my instant message box...sometimes there is just TOO much communication. TMI is not overrated.

* I have been procrastinating on going to the grocery store all day...but I have that perogative.

So, what is Rambling about it your head?