Random Whys?

Inquiring minds want to know...

- Why do really large (size 18+) women - usually the plus size girls under the age of 25 - think that wearing low rise jeans with butt floss panties is cute. WHY? It is just nasty for the rest of us to look at the crack of your azz with this floss straining to hold on. WHY?

- Why does my son's room look like a natural disaster hit and the debris is still there months later? WHY?

- Why do I feel like I need hazmat gear just to retrieve the movie rental from his room. I'm talking full gear with O2 tank and all.

- Why did I find all of my forks in his room...and a couple of knives, spoons and assorted glassware. WHY?

- Why do people have no problem dropping $60+ at a happy hour that will advance their career or job search goals not ONE IOTA, but will whine, snivel, complain and come up with fity-eleven excuses as to why they can't come up with $15 for a networking career event that hiring managers are attending?

- Why do those same people keep asking ME to help them find a job (when it is convenient for them). DA HELL.

- Why are we losing our minds about the Swine Flu? 36K people die each year of the regular ole flu (that does also mutate each year - that's why there is a new vaccine each year - duh!) and we don't close schools & cancel ish?

- Why don't people just practice good hygiene year round?

- Why do people only wash their hands frequently when there is an imminent pandemic? Any other time...pee & leave? WHY - you nasty baztards.

- Why are there so many nasty people in the world?

- Why am I generally irritated today?

- Why do people take some anonymous, random stuff that people (or I) say here in Internet land so friggin personal, like we was talking about YOU (yeah, I am pointing at you) specifically? WHY? I'll tell you why. Cause, guess what, you either did, believe, think, act - WHATEVER - they way we was talking about. The truth will set you free.

- Why, Oh Lord, Why? ....For they know NOT what they do.