Today I read one of the most appalling, disrespectful and just plain filled with bytchassiness blog posts EVER! It came from someone that calls himself a "man" & father. DA HELL.

Let me sum this up...this dumb, ignorant azz...:
- had unprotected sex with a woman he thought was unattractive, had bad acne and fat on the second date because he like how she jumped him...and surprise, surprise - he's a baby daddy AGAIN.
- thinks that putting out $1300 dollars over the past 6-8 months for diapers and odds/ends is doing it big in terms of child care and support for HIS CHILD.
- says it is his child, admits its his child but when questioned about the "extraordinary amount" of support he has been giving now say he needs a paternity test before he will put out more.
- is now mad because he is being taken to court for support & visitation and has the AUDACITY to say the ONLY reason she is doing that is to get chex outta him.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. But what really showed just how punk azzed, cowardly, disrespectful, ignorant and just plain full of BYTCHASSNESS he was when he thought it was okay to take his anger out on the mother of his child by putting her gov't name, blog name, place of employment and other revealing information out on the Internet for the whole fugging world to see. He tried to get back at the MOTHER OF HIS CHILD by dragging her name, her character & her livelihood through the mud like a petulant child throws a tantrum. He then compounded his despicable behavior by cussing out practically every single person that called him out for his bytchassedness. I don't care if every single thing he said about her was fact. It's not even relevant to the bytchassness he demonstrated. Not even close. It is also not relevant now that the deed is done. ALL THAT MATTERS is the care & welfare of that child that he claims is such a blessing to him.

How EXACTLY does he justify what he did?! ...

BECAUSE HE IS MAD and when a "man is attacked he fights back"? IS HE FRIGGIN SERIOUS! He feels attacked because he is getting taken to court for child support and because she is allegedly keeping him from his "precious blessing?" IS HE FOR REAL! Do what the fugg you are supposed to do and perhaps you wouldn't have this drama. How's that for an idea.

He thought the solution; the best way to fight back was to trample all over the MOTHER OF HIS CHILD'S reputation & character, threaten her job and her "ability to manage her finances" - YEAH, THAT WAS THE TICKET? GTFOOHWTBS


How does he plan on answering his daughters questions one day about why he called Mommy a fat garden implement and caused her trouble at work (or to even lose her job). Is THAT how we handle conflict in a "manly" and/or fatherly way. REALLY?


I hope she prints that mess out and takes it to court to demonstrate why & how he is a threat and not worthy of unsupervised visitation. If this is the kind of stuff you say to the entire world, I'd hate to think what he would say directly to the child about the mother.

To the mother, hang in there. Head up, shoulders back. STAND. Do NOT stoop to his level of bytchassness. JUST DON'T DO IT. Just take his punkazz to court and take care of business. Take care of you and your child. Stop talking about him on & offline about anything. Give him nothing that he can twist into his warped sense of justice.

Whew, Lawd, JESUS. Made me pull my tazer out the gosh damn holster.


UPDATE: Yeah, he finally came to his damn senses and deleting the offending post...but the damage has been done. IDJIT.