My Secret Santa ARRIVED!!!!

Lookie! Lookie! My Secret Santa package arrived yesterday...AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!

I have a wonderful new snowglobe to add to my collection and now the fight is on about whose picture gets to go in there. I'm thinking ME! but my family is going for a group shot. HUMPH. I got a lovely bottle of Shiraz- (MINE, MINE) - the most sparkley brooch on the planet (you know I love some sparkley) - and a lighter for my cigar fetish that has TRAVELDIVA engraved on it.

HOW FRIGGIN COOL IS THAT!!! I am so excited to be stylin at my favorite DC Cigar Bar with my own personalized lighter. NO BEEATCHES, get your own damn lighter. Bwaaahaaahaa!!! I was dancing round the kitchen with GLEE!

I love my Secret Santa gifts. LURVE THEM!!!

I have to thank Pserendipity for putting on this gift exchange togethere. What a wonderful way to meet new bloggers from all over the country. I enjoyed adding several new bloggers to my reader and delving into their stories in order to figure out what to send to my secret santa and just to live vicariously in their adventures.

Now...I believe I know who my Secret Santa is....DRUMROLL......

Am I right?!

Thank you Santa! What a wonderful Christmas it is.