Cookie Exchange & Holiday Party

Last night I hosted my first ever Cookie Exchange & Holiday Party (well...the cookie exchange to be exact...not hosting a party, LOL) and we had a blast. Everyone brought a dish, a confection (didn't have to be cookies if ya didn't want to) and a gift (optional) for a gift exchange.

The food was fantastic, the confections were divine - especially the chocolate covered red velvet cake balls provided by G-Baby - and the games & gift exchange was a blast. The picture below is the result of the "Christmas Tree" Game we played. Take a piece of green paper, fold in half, put behind back and try and tear a Christmas Tree out of the paper. These are the results. Ummm, yeah...that one (bottom row, 4th from left) is G-Baby's rendition. We were all wondering what could possibly be on her mind. Bwaaaahaaaahaaahaaa!!!! The men folk acted as judges and MrsC was the winning tree (bottom row, 2nd from right).

She also won the ornament scavenger hunt. I hid a pickle ornament amongst all of my indoor decorations and sent everyone on a hunt to find it. I wonder if it had anything to do with her love of pickles & having a baby on the way made it a cinch for her to find. Hmmmm....MrsC cleaned up last night.

We had a wonderful time laughing, talking, singing and just having a merry time. The men folk retired most of the evening into the theater which we dubbed "The Man Cave" and only came out for feedings.

I think this will have to become an annual event. I had a wonderful time...and I promise to make the Christmas Trivia game a tad easier next time.

Merry Christmas!