I am all for wearing the appropriate undergarments to not appear rolly polly, smooth out some bumpy areas or to not have that pantie line show up. I admit to owning every variety of Spanx and body shaper and specialty bra known to the modern woman.

This right here is an absolute NO! I will NOT squeeze my body into some kind of torture chamber where I can't breath, bend over or even sit for fear that my head would pop off. Tight & smooth is one thing...looking like you needed a medieval rack in order to squeeze your body into a sausage casing is another.


A reshaping garment that doesn't hurt is what I've been told. Way better than a girdle or Spanx because it helps "reshape your body and lose weight if you want. SERIOUSLY?! GTFOOHWTBS. See I've tried one of these chastity harnesses on once and practically broke every nail and nearly suffocated getting it on. I was told that I would get used to it. WHAT!? I shouldn't have to get "used" to learning to breath again. I bet you lose weight...you can't swallow.

Am I the only one that thinks this is just WRONG. If you have one, how in the world do you do it?

For me, I'll stick with the gym, body shapers & spanx.