Cherry Blossom 10 Miler


Well, my first race of the season is done. It was very apparent that I didn’t get enough training in to improve any from the Army 10 Miler…but I’m good with the fact that I finished, didn’t finish last, didn’t have the sweeper bus on my tail and actually had a pretty decent pace for the 1st 5 miles (11:20) – and then my pace went to all hell in a handbasket (READ: Slow as frozen molasses). Ultimately, my average pace was 12:52 according to the time clock; 12:45 according to RunKeeper.

               photo 2  photo 5

It was FREEZING down on the mall. FREEZING with a blustery wind and all. I was bummed that I got to the race so early and had to stand around shivering to wait for the sun to come up and the race to start. I was so friggin cold that when they had some guy get up on stage and do a mini Zumba class as the warm-up, I was ALL IN! I finally go warm dropping it like it was hot in front of the Washington Monument.

              zumba  zumba1

FINALY, it was time to line up according to our “colors” and get ready to GET ER DONE.

              staging  startline

I wore my “wearable speakers” from TuckAwayTunes and LOVED THEM. The only way I knew they were there was because the music was coming out. People kept looking around trying to figure out where the music was coming from. I suppose that having them really wasn’t necessary and the “no headphone” rule was not enforced AT ALL. There were so many people with headphones that it just didn’t matter. I will stick with running/biking with them though because I enjoyed being able to hear my music AND the birds, traffic and other general noises that also helped take my mind off the race.


BTW, the heffa that ran up behind me and YELLED in my ear (yeah, I heard that shit) about passing on the right – IT’S PASS ON THE LEFT oh you of unfortunate features. HUMPH.


N.E.WAY. I finished the race in 2:08. 550/572 in my age group. I’m so glad that there were at least 22 other broads slower than my behind. WHEW! I’m glad that there were 572 women in my age group out there DOING THE DAMN THING. GO US!


Next up:

The Peasant Man Triathlon May 8th

Warrior Dash May 21st