Time is Money/Money is Time


I was freaking out. Just a tad stressed. I have to take exams, finish up about 8 more hours of online modules, entertain Princess Cara who is on Spring Break, choir rehearsal, concerts, miscellaneous appointments to fit in before I go to Minneapolis for 10 days of MORE TRAINING (I am too friggin old to do this rep shyt), fit in workouts for my triathlon training schedule, wife/house/mom/chex goddess duties to perform, restock liqour cabinet AND grocery shop for Easter Sunday Dinner.


…and there are only 24 hours in a day. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


Then the light bulb goes on. While sipping on a glass of wine to calm my nerves & watching an episode of Crim.inalM.inds, I could get my grocery shopping done and have all of it delivered to my door. HALEILUAH! Jesus was a Peapod truck.


In 40 min, I had crossed off everything off my list, applied my coupons, used my store card for additional discounts, picked a delivery time/date, clicked ‘complete order’ and I was on to my second glass wine. I just got back about 2-3 hours of my life. YES!


2-3 hours in the grocery store, you ask? When is the last time you got in and out of the grocery store, unloaded & put away in less time when shopping for a major dinner party? (P.S. I’m up to 10 for Easter Dinner now…at least it is less than the 16 for Thanksgiving)


Talk about a load off my mind. DONE! Time is money/Money is Time. What a load off my mind AND schedule.


Have you ever used Peapod or another delivery service to gain back some time to your life?

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  1. Yes I use Amazon to buy all kinds of stuff. I am an Amazon Prime member which means I pay a $79 yearly fee and I get free two day shipping on most items. I've ordered everything from a cast iron dutch oven to an ironing board (both of which would have been a fortune in shipping). Heck last week I even ordered a pack of index cards because I didn't want to waste gas driving to Staples or Wal Mart and since I could afford to wait two days to get them I saved myself a trip to the store.

    I even did my Christmas shopping on Amazon when I was in Iraq! Love their service and you can order everything from food to auto parts!