Sometimes You Just Can't Cure "Stupid"

I was going to write a post on the just plain stupidity of this whole "conspiracy", but this article said everything I wanted to say.

Releasing Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate Won't Cure "Stupid" TheLoop21.com

I too think it won't change a damn thing with these idiots that have run away from their village and senses. I also will not even enter into a discussion with such "Birthers". I REFUSE to argue with stupid & ignorant. Just go sit down in some damn corner, continue foaming at the mouth and pray you don't hurt yourself as you flail around looking crazy.

As for The Donald...YOUR FIRED. And by the way, you looked and sounded like a complete raving madman during your talk with CNN's John King. UTTERLY RE-DAMN-DICULOUS.

Bytchassedness to the Gazzillionth degree.