Biting off More Than I Can Chew

I’ve been wondering…feeling some kinda way since Iron Girl last Sunday that…well, maybe, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew this season with all of the races I signed up for and my work/family/life schedule. I actually contemplated blowing off Nations and then promptly remembered how much the registration was for that sucker and I don’t know about ya’ll…but I ain’t got it like that to just toss out the wind.




So, what’s an plump, tired, undertrained, over nourished, professional drinker triathlete supposed to do…


Yep, CHEW THE DAMN THING! It’s time to dig deep, get fierce and do what I can do in the time that I have. I had to come to the realization that I will not be standing on any podiums this year (or probably next) but I CAN collect some great bling, cross the finish line on my own power and be all that I can be – HOOAH!


I could do all these wonderful things…get a trainer, a sports nutritionist, stop drinking (THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN – maybe cut back – MAYBE), close my mouth…but in the next 4 weeks…none of that is going to change a damn thing. I bit off a big ole hunk of triathlon whoop ass and now I’m gonna CHEW IT!




I have all my race bling (from the races I GOT bling from – can you tell I’m still bitter about getting NOTHING from MussleMan?) hanging from my dresser mirror. I look at it every day and it is a great reminder that – YES, I CAN!


Here’s the schedule for the rest of the “season”:

Sept 11 – Nation’s Triathlon

Sept 25th – Navy 5 Miler

Oct 9th – Army 10 Miler




Tomorrow…30 mile ride followed by 30 min run. Yep. Yep


So, what do you do when you bite off more than you can chew? CHEW IT! Quit is NOT in my vocabulary.