Motivation in a Jar Project


Do you ever wish you could bottle motivation when you have it? Ya know, to use for later? (Because you know this is the type of thing that runs out…)


Do you ever wish motivation came in a jar? So you can just open it up and have some when you need it?


I KNOW that I do! There have been plenty of times when I was looking for ANY excuse to not do a workout or ran out of gas in my tank 15 miles out and wanted to call somebody to just come get me – I’m done.


Well, ChristieO over at Average Mom’s Wear Capes is asking for us to help fill the jar of motivation. Once the “jar” is filled, we will all be able to reach in and help ourselves when we need a little UMPH! to get us going.


Still not sure what I mean?


ChristieO needs YOU to be a part of the “Motivation in a Jar” Project, her not so supersecret project in which everyone in the fitness community can help feed the finite pool of motivation. This is for you! It’s for me! It’s for everyone who has ever needed motivation in health and fitness and weight-loss!


If you tweet or blog about fitness or health or even if you don’t but health and fitness is just IMPORTANT to you, whether you’re successfully living healthfully or trying to live healthfully, whether you’re where you want to be or whether you wish you were where you want to be, JOIN HER IN THIS PROJECT!


Go on over to Average Mom’s Wear Capes and join in on the project. I did.


Who’s with me?