Training Mind Madness


I just wasn’t feeling it today, but I went out and started to ride. It had to be done. I needed the mileage and to keep the feeling of the route on my legs.  I got out there on that Iron Girl route and right after tackling that gruesome 1st hill (Mt Albert) Mind Madness – that not so quiet voice at the end of the day - took over, found room and made themselves at home all up in my head:

  • Damn, this is going to be the hardest Tri yet with all these MFn’ hills.
  • Who was the Bastid that came up with these routes.
  • Damn, I don’t even get to start slowing down after this race…Nation’s Tri is Sept 11th followed by Navy 5 Miler and the Army 10 miler.
  • Damn, I’m tired.
  • I have got to come up with a plan to get my running up so I can slide into that 10 miler
  • I don’t wanna.
  • Damn, I’m tired.
  • I bet you there is some likka back at da house instead of this energy drink.
  • HUMPH. Fugg this shyt.
  • Look at those Bytches Iron Girls out here doing it. WHATEVER.
  • Stop following me! Oh, you don’t know the route. What I look like…a damn map? *Be nice. Be supportive. Share*
  • Yeah. WHATEVER.

There were some other ever more crass stuff that went through my head and that’s when I knew it was just time to turn Dominque Diva Dawes back to the house and take it in.


It happens to all of us. That moment of burn out. That moment when you just KNOW you need to turn up the heat, but the pilot light is out. Am I going to take a lot of time off…No. I’m going to do an open water swim tomorrow, take Friday off, do a long ride w/30min run (BRICK) Saturday and rest again on Sun.


I had to come to the realization that I will NOT make any earth shattering leaps in the next week before Iron Girl. It’s okay. Iron Girl Columbia is a VERY challenging course. At least I think so. Relax & Have Fun. That’s what I’m going to do.


After letting Prince Jordan fix me a “special girl sandwich” and contemplating my navel with my friend Makers Mark, I have decided that killing myself before Iron Girl isn’t going to get me to place so just have a good time and enjoy the moment. I decided that I would focus on the mile swim & running going into Nation’s and the two last road races of “my season” so that I can perform respectable but have fun.


The Madness went silent. For the moment.


So, how do you deal with Training Mind Madness?