Gear, Gear & Pocketbook Tears

So, if you are participating in any sport/fitness activity, I am SURE that you have encountered the shock & awe of how much it costs to be fit, train properly, eat healthy and register for races. SHOCK & AWE!!!


It hit me this week as Coach Lionheart (yeah, I’m already a little rebellious) was trying to get me to eat differently and to get my trainer set up and so on and so forth that this little endeavor is KICKING MY PURSE in the ASS!


Look at all this damn stuff…

I had to have a bike – bike_final And then you have to have stuff to go with it…Cages (for your beverage), a bento box (for sustenance, money, keys), a case under the seat for my spare tubes, repair kit & first aid, lights, helmet, bike shoes, gloves,ROAD ID, AND I have to have something to dag on wear!

IMG_1723 gear1 IMG_1711

Add to that a bike trainer for winter time training and you have just about hurt my damn feelings. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE


I gotta swim, so you gotta have stuff for that…Fins, pull buoy, lap counter, kick board (forget that, I’ll borrow that ish at the pool), towels, bathing suits to train in and don’t forget when you actually do a race you might need a wet suit (I’ve never worn one – hate it – I wear rash guards). DA HELL. CHING CHING $$$$$$$$

swimgear  IMG_3468

And well, there’s the running part…shoes, sport bra’s, gear, socks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, Tune’s on the IPod  AND a HRM! – I KNOW I’m forgetting something. It’s prolly in that damn Tribag somewhere in one of those pockets.

expo3  movingcomfort HRM

Let us not forget the race entry fee’s – KILL ME NOW – and the ever dreaded hair issue. Let me just discuss the hair issue for a minute. It just isn’t …for me. I will hairstuffsnatch it back in a quick second and slap on some H.I.B (Hair I Bought) quick like or I’ll through some Curls in it, twist and go! If I need some heat..well, I’ll blow it dry and cook me some hair with a flat iron and move out. It’s just hair.


Protect it. Keep it moisturized and get to steppin!


Then there is FOOD! Fruits, Veggies, Lean this, Vegan that, Recovery Drinks, Protein Bars. Clean, Lean, Mean…MF’n EXPENSIVE! How about a good ole’ fashioned peanut butter & jelly sammich. JEEZE.


…And let us NOT forget about the safety & comfort items. A MUST! Who knew that Butt Butter was an absolute HAVE TO HAVE! Aleve & Bio.Fre.eze are my bestest friends. And I don’t get on my bike without a first aid kit anymore…that has Aleve in it. Moleskin-be about it. Glide – you best recognize – who hasn’t has something chafed so bad it felt like sandpaper was rubbed all on your skin or something. 

food  safetygear

So, I scared you off, huh. I hear you. “FUG DAT SHYT! If it gonna be all like that, the hell with it.” – I know! It is pricey, but it can be done on a budget and even while swimming sideways in the TET (Tough Economic Times).


I did my first race on a gifted mountain bike. My current bike isn’t anything to write home about but Dominique Diva is mine and was under $500. Join Free cycle clubs in your area AND Tri/Cycling/Run Clubs – people are VERY generous. From free to cut rate prices…you can build you gear closet. I scour sales and race expo’s for deals on equipment, clothing and anything I need. Swa.ggle and other fitness deal sites should become your friend.


I do my own hair – Google your hair questions – attend YouTube university – ask fellow sport enthusiasts…been there, done that. I gave up some things in order to do this thing. I wear the bathing suits I had to train in OR I wear one of my bathing suit skirts with a workout top (spandex material) with a sports bra (you gonna do that in a Tri anyway, soooo…). I don’t have a wet suit. I watched Total Immersion videos on YouTube till I could afford a course. I worked off a training plans downloaded free of of the internet till I could afford a coach. It can be done.


Now I ain’t gonna lie…it still is a $$$ proposition, but it CAN be done.


Ask me your questions, I WON’T tell you any lies.