Thursday Thoughts: Gleanings from TET 2011


It was very interesting to see how many people hoped & prayed for better times in the 1-2. More interesting were the people surprised by the fact that so many people had a TET (tough economic times) in 2011.


Yep. Had them. I felt no need to wallow in it and share the TET with the whole world. My family and Top Mafia have been bedrocks of support & encouragement and we are making it through.


Been there, done that, got a t-shirt for it.


What I will share are some of what I have learned and/or thought about along the way for this episode of Thursday Thoughts:


- That high horse I was riding; kept warm by a blanket of quick judgment, threw me off for a nice tumble.


- The fall was jolt and eye opener.


- The use LOTS of prayer with a large dose of exercise (how bout those 10 races in 2011) works wonders to alleviate stress, quell panic attacks & crying jags.


- Also…there is way better living through pharmaceutical intervention. Besides adult beverage intervention results in a VERY large ass, soooo…I highly recommend the pill form of intervention.


- Cleaning supplies from the Dollar Store clean just as well as those name brand ones in the grocery store – trust! You ought to try it…once you get over your snobbery, you’ll find some great deals on regular azz stuff. Compare & Win!


- You learn REAL quick like the difference between a NEED  & WANT; frivolous expense & basic necessity. QUICK.


- Those hard choices are hard & SUCK big time – at first – and then it gets easier – and then you realize you wasted a whole lot of money on shit stuff that just wasn’t necessary.


- I can go without a whole lot of stuff so that my kids can have whatever they need. Education & Learning Experiences are priority one. Nails, hairs, new stuff – can wait.


- GMa’s are THE BOMB! Pride is folly.


- Not everybody can help you financially, but they can help. Homework, Transportation, Babysitting, Cleaning, Cooking, an Airline Ticket (you know who you are)…and much more. Bartering WORKS. Get familiar.


- Just because you are temporarily broke doesn’t mean you need to look temporarily broke down. Shop that closet, use shit up, squeeze that tube till it screams, get creative, use YouTube university (I learned how to braid extensions into Cara’s hair – ALL BY MYSELF), DIY. I may be in the TET but I will LOOK GOOD while it it. HUMPH.


- I find it a gosh dang disgrace that when a person could use or NEEDS a tad bit of assistance they can’t/don’t qualify. See…those last 2 years of tax returns say you are “rich”. But right now…not so much. Too bad, so sad. That’s the group of people who are now losing their homes, filing bankruptcy – just losing EVERYTHING. SIGH. It takes 2 years of abject destitution and sitting on the waiting list to get “assistance”.


- Too little, too late.


- BTW…not everyone on unemployment & getting assistance is a lazy, shiftless, take advantage of the system, trifling ass, not good for nothing.


- Just Saying.


- A tip to those of you still out there looking for work – It’s easier to find a job when you have a job. GET ONE…any one…even if you are woefully underpaid. Do good at it and keep searching till the opportunity opens for you again. Seriously. It sucks big time out there. NETWORK!


- And YOU – the employer, scoffing and refusing to hiring someone that is/has been unemployed and will only hire someone who has a job – YOUR DUMB & AN AZZ.


- Being the wife (and business partner) of an ambitious, visionary entrepreneur will test the limits of any woman’s love & endurance. Especially when your husband starts a company during the worst economy since the Great Depression. I found out that I’m one of those women that has what it takes. I’m in it to win it. Instead of driving a wedge between us, it drove us closer and I became an asset instead of a hindrance & dream stealer. WE ROCK!


2012 is our year. The 2011 TET is over. I’m speaking it, and so it is.  The lessons I’ve learned along the way (and I’m sure there are more)…I’m keeping, for through adversity, we grow.


Do you have a lesson from TET that you care so share? Come one! Do Tell!


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Amen ma'am!! This post is the TRUTH and I thank you for sharing!!

  2. Wow this is so on point. I just got fired today from a job I had for 16 years. Thank you for sharing. In between tears I'm going to work my butt off trying to find something else.

  3. I'm over here rocking and saying.. yessir.. amen.. mmhhhmm

    when in need top mafia steps up even without sharing.. THEY JUST KNOW

    shit happens, life changes...shift gears and adjust.. you can't attend all of the fab events you did prior..but it doesn't diminish your friendships any.. find other ways to communicate & plan for future events.

    there is NOTHING wrong with accepting assistance during a time of need.. a loss of income is a time of need.. no need to struggle if you don't "have" to.

  4. Well said. My family went through a struggle and TET in 2011 as well. We are seeing lots of light at the end of our tunnel for 2012 and I am excited by it.

    I feel you!

  5. Amen, and amen again.

  6. I learned that a two week furlough can throw your whole imagined financial stability for a loop.

    I've learned that saying I can't afford it really doesn't hurt my pride nor my ego.

    I've learned that living below my means is really living within my means!

  7. @digal704...let us know if there is anything we can help you with on your search.I went through the same thing couple years back - got "optimized" after 16 years at the same company. It's okay to mourn. Seemed like I went through all the stages of grief, but you WILL recover.

    @onefromphilly - PREACH!