Home Stay w/the Pro’s

I had the honor and real treat of hosting two Pro Triathletes from New Zealand for a home stay while they were in Columbia for the 2012 Columbia Triathlon. We had Clark Ellice & Debbie Tanner as our guests. As a relatively new triathlete, this opportunity sounded like a blast and a way to get some insider trading info on the sport.


They lived up to all my imaginings. Friendly, open, warm and willing to share their experience and knowledge. Clark even treated me to putting my aero bars on and adjusting my seat. I was in Triathlete HEAVEN!

                IMG_2126  IMG_2127

I even acted as their personal paparazzi during the race and, let me tell you, I felt like I did my own sprint trying to get in position on the course to take pictures ahead of them. BLISTERING FAST. It was absolutely impressive.


I put a video together of the pics I took from the race. Enjoy. I’ll be keeping an eye on them as they rise in the ranks (as I’m sure they will).

GO GET ‘EM, Clark & Debbie! Have a great rest of the season. See you next year!