My 2 Cents - IM70.3 National Harbor CANCELLED


All the work I had started and done…both physical & mental…and then a few lines in an email with no apology, no explaination – IM70.3 National Harbor was CANCELLED.


I felt some kind of way about it. I had a few days of a slump. The Princess Erin & The FireMarshall called Tribal Council, pulled up the IM70.3 website and said pick one. I initially picked one that I could drive to that fit in my schedule which was in New Hampshire, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Almost a 10hr drive, no hometown advantage and I wouldn’t know a soul…except for The FireMarshall who promised to take me. I got a text from Becca and she said I should think about Cozumel. As the “L” rolled off my tongue it was decided and it became a family affair, family vacation with an IM70.3 thrown in for grins & giggles.


A new plan was formed and I’m back on track, baby!


Here is a Vlog I put together with just a few of my thoughts on the “CANCELLATION”.

IM70.3 Cozumel HERE I COME!