Maryland Women’s Sprint Duathlon

2012 Maryland Women's Sprint Duathlon
2 Mile Run | 13 Mile Bike | 2 Mile Run

On August 5th, I participated the the Maryland Women’s Sprint Duathlon with my friend, Yolanda – Director, Strive2Tri and while we didn’t break any records, we had an absolute blast.


I drove the course the day before and was surprised at how “technical” it was with fast down hills going into hairpin curves or s-curves, rolling hills with some fast breakaways. Nevertheless, it was very scenic and looked like a fun course.

IMG_1294 IMG_1304

The sprint was a 2 mile run – 13mile bike –2 mile run. I was did fab on the way out with a crushingly fast pace of 11:27 (HA! That’s BOOKIN’ IT for me) and piddled around in transition (as I always seem to do) to hop on the bike.

IMG_1334 IMG_1347

While I wasn’t busting out any serious speed on the course, I got to say “On your left” or “passing” numerous times which brought me great joy! GREAT JOY! Every single time I was able to pass someone, it gave me just a little more pep to my pedal. However, the last 3 miles was the LONGEST gradual climb on the planet. LAWD! I thought I would never make it back into transition…where I piddled again for close to 4 mins before taking it out for the final 2 miles.

IMG_1376 IMG_1404

The last 2 mile loop was done in reverse. Downhill – mostly – on the 1st 2miles, UPHILL practically the entire way the 2nd 2miles. I thought I was gonna die. As I came around the corner to climb UPHILL the last half mile to the finish, I wanted to walk so damn bad, but I didn’t. I COULDN’T. I didn’t want anybody to see me walking the finish AND my coach was watching and I just didn’t want to hear his mouth ‘bout me not pushing that last bit like I knew I could.


I dug deep and ran up that hill, bringing it home.

IMG_1419 IMG_1422

This was a fun race. I had a great time. One of the biggest take-aways for me was about transitions…




If I cut 2 min off each piddle around (4 min total) I would have jumped up the rankings in my age group – by six positions. It shouldn’t be transitions that drag me down. Not at all. I have to have my game face on not only on the course, but in transition. It is not really a rest break. (So, I’m not supposed to eat lunch in there?) Gotcha!


SIIIIIRRRRRR, There are 39 and a Butt Days until IM70.3 Cozumel. 39 Days SIR!

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