IM70.3 Cozumel: What a Difference an Adjustment Makes

I  put TripleD in the the bike hospital on Saturday and decided to get a complete tune up as well. I also asked about a seat adjustment. I told the mechanic that I was feeling off – not comfortable – in the aero position and perhaps I needed to raise the seat. He put me on the bike and told me that the angle was off. I told him I felt like I was sliding forward all the time and he said that he thought if he leveled the seat, that I wouldn’t need to raise it at all. Okay. Diva Dawes would be ready by Tuesday.



I got the call and went to pick The Diva up. While waiting for them to bring her out, I perused the bike pron. LAWD! Will someone please sponsor me – like 2K level sponsorship – so I can have that Cannondale TT. Anybody?


N.E.Way…I get The Diva and she is all sparkly, shiny and lookin’ good as a beginner road bike can look. I get her home and take her out for a spin…up on the training schedule is a very short brick (45min total – I decide on 30 min on bike, 15min run).




I felt like I was on fire. No more sliding forward on my seat, no more fidgeting and adjusting myself back on seat. I was able to stay aero without feeling like I was going to fall off the seat. I felt AWESOME!


I have NEVER been this fast on straight aways. NEVER. While I still have work on the hills, I felt ON FIRE!


Was it the seat fix? Was I just having a great afternoon? I don’t know for sure. The seat felt SOOOOoooo much better leveled out. I felt like I was able to put more power in my stroke & pull when I was not constantly sliding forward.


We shall see. Moral of the story…get a tune up. Get fitted. Get another couple of eyes on your bike and on you. The little things…the devil is in the details.


Just think…I do this for grins, giggles and BLING!