DA HELL YOU SAY - Explain it to me–Help me Understand

makes no sense

Today I read a FB status update that rendered me, of all people, speechless. After staring at it for a while and typing out a hot response, I decided to erase it and not engage in a discussion about the post with a bunch of people that, by the way people were liking it, thought the same way.


I just didn’t see the point in getting into a heated FB argument discussion that wasn’t going to change anything.


I decided to post it here, to perhaps a broader minded audience, and see if you can explain to me - WITHOUT NAME CALLING, RHETORIC & BULLSHIT ONE LINERS - why my visceral reaction to it is off base. Once again, cite your facts (not sound bites) & show your work.


Here it goes:

“While our party [GOP} might not be for gay marriage, we must have a place for all people that want small government and a fiscal conservatism. If you are gay but want to remain an achievement driven economy, consider voting for Romney. If you are pro choice but concerned about the deficit, Romney is the man for you. We can't let a difference in one policy issue out of 10 or more to drive citizens to the entitlement party."

My gut reaction was…GTFOOHWTBS! So, regardless of the fact that “your party” believes gays should have no rights AT ALL, that they are amoral, unchristian and a plague upon society that will destroy the very fabric of our nation with their “behavior”, gays should vote for the GOP candidate because its ONLY one issue out of 10 or more. It’s just one little issue that even if the gay community supports Romney, they will get the clock turned back on every advancement, consideration, law that would make them equal under the law to every other citizen. Don’t worry, the gay community will certainly be better off in that bullshit “achievement driven economy” that will all of a sudden be created under Romney as if in the past 4 years everyone just laid down sideways in the government trough and said fugg it, I’m going to hold out for the freebies.


I have to be off base, right?


And hey, you pro choicers that believe a woman should have the RIGHT to decide what is best for her and her body, that rape is NOT a form of contraception, that a woman should have any rights at all to self-determination & liberty, but want something done about the deficit – NEVER FEAR – it’s only ONE ISSUE out of 10 or more. Don’t worry, while we are working on the deficit (that the GOP doesn’t even think they can balance till, what, 2014 OR even have a plan) we will continue to redefine rape, strip women of their rights and put men in charge of legislating v.ag.ina’s & ut.eru.ses (which it looks like they don’t even know how they work) and devise a plan to get you in a burka. Extreme? When I hear what some of the GOP elected officials are saying – yeah, that shit right there is EXTREME.


But I’m off base, right? I misunderstand, right? That’s not what you meant at all, huh?


Mmmmm, okay.


What my FB friend said came across to me as the same as saying – Hey, ignore the fact that that we don’t support Civil Rights legislation or think that minorities should have the same rights, under the CONSTITUTION, that we hold so dear, it’s just ONE ISSUE among 10 or more. Don’t let that worry your pretty little head. Support us while we stomp all over anyone or anything that gets in the way of us finding ways to put all of our money in overseas tax havens. Who gives a damn about the rest of “you people”, you underachieving, entitlement hungry, lazy minions.


Did I read too much into that update? I don’t think so, but there has to be SOMEBODY who can explain it to me.  I’m starting to think that I won’t even be able to save my watch from wading in the bullshit dished out over the next few months. Not at all.