Cutting The Apron Strings


The Prince, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm left today to go back to college…for his SENIOR YEAR!


And he took the car back this year – cause we promised – all the way to Indiana. 10(TEN) hours to Indiana Tech – car loaded, all by himself.


…TEN HOURS on the highways & byways.


senioryr3 senioryr5

My baby done gone and growed up on me. We had BIG BREAKFAST with the family this morning, watched The Prince load the car (The FireMarshall prevented all of us women from getting involved –“Let that man take care of his business.” {{{O_O}}}), said our goodbyes and watched his drive away. SIGH.


And I didn’t burst into a heap of tears as he pulled off. Not even a lip tremble.


I think he’s gonna be okay.I guess I can put away the apron and hover craft…Mmmm…maybe I’ll just park it in the garage so if I need it…


Letting go is never easy.