In Memory - 9/11 I will NEVER FORGET

(Taken from West Point Association of Graduates Website)...

In Remembrance of September 11, 2001 . . .
The West Point AOG joins all Americans pausing today in remembrance of 9-11. In particular, we remember those killed in the attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and the responders who died attempting to save others. We also remember the graduates who have fought so tenaciously and those who have died in the Global War on Terrorism, as well as those serving in harm’s way today.

I remember this day oh so well...I was actually on my way to the Pentagon to inspect the materials that I had sent there for a health fair on the 12th. I was talking on the phone with my husband about the towers being hit and what did it really mean when all of a sudden, while sitting at a stop light, I see this huge ball of smoke and feel my car shutter as another plane hits the Pentagon (at the time, from my vantage point, we thought it was the State Department). Ron immediately tells me to turn around, and head home IMMEDIATELY. En route, get the kids from school and go to the bank and get as much money out as I could. He felt he just didn't know what the next few days would be like. Our family gathered (my crew, mom, grandma) at our house and watched CNN for days. I cried...we all cried...we prayed.

The hardest days for me afterward were calling on Washington Hospital Center where all the burn victims went and at Walter Reed. There were times when it was just to much to bear.

I will never, never forget.

...And 8 years later we are still a country at war. Is it still a "Global War on Terrorism"? Iraq and now back to Afghanistan. Please tell me that our soldiers know what they are fighting and dying for...and bring them back home safe & sound after protecting us all. Amen.

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  1. I knew you were on your way to the Pentagon, but I never knew you saw the wounded afterwards.