Randoms of a Traveling Diva

Fir Tree, originally uploaded by TheTravelDiva.

While I am generally a nice lady, I can be just a prickly as the needles on the fir tree pictured above.

I will not be bullied. If you don't like the way I say something on my FB page or blog (IN MY HOUSE) then don't read it. Hide, de-friend, remove me from your google reader. Save yourself the anquish. Don't try and "school" me on what or how I should say something IN MY HOUSE.

I do and say what I want.

I fight back. Trust.

That alledged St. John sweater on CreoleInDC's site was the ugliest thing known to man with the added insult of the color of puke. I would not have bought it no matter what the price was.

Also, be it known that I have never bought a piece of St. John at anything above 50-75% off. EVER.

Sissy stopped by for a visit on her way home from traveling. I had a wonderful time with her, but I know for sure she thinks the TravelDiva & the FireMarshall are crazier than bed bugs.

I really wish people would not take my kindness - my goodness & light - as a weakness. My evil twin is REEEEAAAAALLLLY evil. She carries a tazer and a shank at all times. Seriously people.

How many times do I have to tell ya? Hard head makes for a soft azz.

I thought the FireMarshall was a tad country...till we went to stay with our friends in Indianapolis while visiting Prince Jordan. Here are some of the things heard round the dinner table:
- "My momma used to insist we have wild game at least 2-3x a week...consisting of BBQ Coon (tastes just like pulled pork), squirrell, rabbit or even frog legs from "frog giggin".
- "Have you ever hunted mushrooms."
-"Let me show you how to put out a trout line and catch a slew of fish"
-"That boy is c.0ck strong...He had a few too many coons."

Now that was some country mess right there.

You know...you get on NOT my first nerve, but my very LAST. You know who you are.

I kinda thought that whole People of W.aL.Mar&t thing was a cruel joke...until I visiting a Super Duper one in Ft. Wayne, IN. Yep, its real.

Princess Cara told us to kick rocks and go sit outside and watch a lax game (BOOOORING) while she hangs with her peeps and plays all day. HUMPH!

I drove 10 hours to Indiana (10 back) to see my son practice, deliver a boodle box, have dinner with him & his roomate, & watch his 1st college lax game...only to be kinda told to kick rocks again after the game. He wanted to go back to school and hang with his teammates.

We were left standing there lookin like dweebs, kickin the grass like Napolian Dynamite (GOSH!) wondering what to do with ourselves for the rest of the weekend.


I at least have 10 hours of road to edit video from the Lacrosse game.

Tell me...what is up random with you?