Warrior Lacrosse Inaugural Game

The Clan (TravelDiva, FireMarshall, ChurchDiva & Princess Cara) loaded up the van and hit the highways & byways for a trek out to visit the Heir Apparent to the Empire at Indiana Tech and to watch the Warrior Lacrosse team play their first game.

It was great to see Prince Jordan and to watch the team practice & play their first college level game. I was feeling some kind of way (a bit melancholy perhaps) because after the game on Saturday, the Prince decided he wanted to go back to school and hang with the team instead of coming back to Indianapolis and hanging with is parental units for the evening.

We said, "No problem, Jordan. Have Fun." watching him ride off in the team vans. We were left standing there kicking at the grass like Napoleon Dynamite (GOSH!!!!!) wondering what we were gonna do with the rest of our evening. We ended up going back to our friends house, watching a very disappointing Army football game, eating sushi and watching a movie. Not too bad.

We miss Prince Jordan, yet we are VERY proud parents.