Cupid Shuffle...

Day 2 of our 20th Reunion...and we had a blast. The day started out slow but the class dinner and the "mini concert" after the dinner was one of the best times I've had in a long time.

We started the day off with a trip to the Cadet Store. Ron and I HAD to replace at least one of our "green girls." WTF you ask is a "green girl?" Well, you kinda had to be here (as a cadet) to understand but I will do my best to 'splain it. A "green girl" is a blanket...an adult binkie. Each of us (old and new grad) has a personal and binding relationship with their "green girl." See... a green girl is olive green and one of the most comfortable, transportable, sleep (aka "rack" inducing) binkie's know to modern man. My green girl was one of a few things that got me through West Point. If I didn't have her to wrap myself in and catch a few minutes of "rack" or to just keep me warm and comfort me when I needed a warm touch...since there IS NOT PDA (public displays of affection) at WP...I would have snapped and gone home. But after 24 years and several moves, both Ron and my "green girls" have seen better days or have gone missing. We needed at least one new one for posterity sake. Not only did we purchase a "green girl" but another "throw" for our chaise in our bedroom and numerous other items for our WP collection.
Now that we are "old grads" and the "Corp of Cadets has...gone to hell" we now "collect." WHATEVER. $200 and an hour later we have made our Cadet Store purchases.

Joe and Terri seemed to purchase the ENTIRE store and had to even change checkout lines. Guess they had TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!! We ran into several of our classmates trying to renew a relationship with a green girl and other stuff. Just when I thought Ron and I were crazy, there has to be someone who buys 2+.

After the Cadet Store, we road march back to Eisenhower Hall (technically the "Student Union" for you civilians) for the Class lunch, Superintendents Briefing and Class Meeting. Lunch was fine, slept through Supes briefing and the Class Meeting went ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. By time we got back to THE Thayer, Ron and I barely had enough time for a nap and dress up for the class reception and dinner.

We get back to Eisenhower Hall, where the reception and dinner is going to take place and they have set up this piano in a room of 2000 people off to the far corner behind a wall where 90% of the class would not be able to see nor hear Walter Cunningham play from his new CD. (Check out my classmate in the sidebar of my site here). Well, Ron just was not going to have it. Why is it that they always SHAFT the black man. While "they" made time and room to do a 30 min slide presentation about a guy who was so mal-adjusted that he didn't even graduate with us. Matter of fact, he was kicked out of the Academy 2 weeks before graduation. Go Figure! SOOOOOOOOO. We can accommodate (ie. get a mike, set up the projector, ect) for a NON-GRAD!!!!!, but we simply CAN'T move a freakin' piano out of the back far corner of an over 20,000 sq ft ball room for someone who DID graduate? WTF OVER!

Ron was not going to let it rest. He (being the diplomat that he is) managed to find the manager of Ike Hall and get him to open Benny Haven's (formerly known as the Firstie Club = Senior Club), get a piano moved in there and several microphones so we could conduct a private concert to promote Walter's new CD. THAT IS MY MAN!!!!!!! DONE!!!!!!!!

The concert starts about 9:30 and Walt starts off with "audience involvement." He gets all of us singing old love songs as he plays the piano, then he gets everyone to start singing all choir like...there were 3 ladies who stood up for soprano; me and 3 other ladies who stood up for alto's and so forth. We did about 3 popular gospel songs...which I have on video and will load as an update later... and then Walter premiered his CD. I haven't had this much fun NOR sang like this in YEARS!!!! Seriously. After Walt finished playing on the live piano for 2 hours, his business partner and classmate, Nate J. mixed some jams for us to "DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT" on his Ipod. I danced till my feel almost exploded out of my shoes.

When Ron and I got back to THE hotel, I kicked off my shoes and hobbled up the stairs to our room. I danced and partied till my bunions SCREAMED Uncle...and they did.

I have pics and video which I will update you with later. It is 1:00 am and I just ain't doing it now. Tomorrow we have lunch is Washington Hall - our "Mess Hall", Class Picture, Alumni Parade and Review, Tailgate, and then BEAT TULANE!!!! Yeah Beat Em.

To the left, to the left, to the left to the left.... to the right to the right, to the right, to the right....now kick, now kick now kick, now kick...now walk it by yourself, now walk it by yourself. HA! We did the Cupid Shuffle!!!!

I LOVE BEING AN ALUMNI!!!!! and I had a great time today with all of my classmates - specially Walt, Nate and all my African American Alumn. See you tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a BLAST! I'm so happy for you!


  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    OK, why am I enjoying the reunion and I'm not even there?

    It only seemed like it carrying out all those bags! LOL