20th Class Reunion

Ron and I are in the H3 right now, rolling up the NJ Turnpike on the way to WOO-POO (as some alumni affectionately call it) to attend our 20th Class Reunion. (I love my Verizon Wireless Card)

Do we feel old? NOPE. We LOOK GOOD! I'm so excited to see my classmates (at least some of them), but mostly excited to see the African-American classmates (with exception of my girl Terri & Joe - they honorary). Only 90 total graduated in my class (15 women) and all of us were either in the Contemporary Affairs Seminar Club, the Gospel Choir or both. It's gonna be a CAS & Gospel Choir reunion. I just know we are gonna break out in a mini concert.

Well, I'm prepared with some fierce clothes. New shoes and new hand bag. Packed the best jewels and dusted off the tiara (just kidding... I meant bayonet). Of course, I'll keep you posted on the happenings with commentary and pictures. Tonight is the opening reception.

Stay tuned...