Toolbelt Diva Strikes Again

I must admit that among many Diva-like qualities that I posses, I am also a TOOLBELT Diva. Yes, I have my own leather toolbelt. Yes, I have the tools to go with it (my favorites being Rybol or DeWalt stuff). Yes, I own a table saw, miter box, tile cutter (the for real kind with a blade and stuff). Yes, I can cut and lay tile (wall, floor...wherever), hang wallpaper like a pro, paint, saw, nail, repair drywall (hang if necessary but I'd rather watch some strapping handy guy do it)...and assemble like a IKEA disciple.

We built an addition onto our house and it was finally "finished" August of 2006. What was supposed to take 18 months took 3 years to complete and the drama (#1 - our Architect turned out not to be one and not even licensed to do home improvement) that lead to us commissioning a sign for the house (True Blessings Estate) is fodder for another blog. In fact, it was the all the drama, tears, heartache and fear of losing our home that led me to start blogging (and the insistence of my country girlfriend - now suburban soccer mom - Terri). If you would like to see a video slide show of the drama and blessings, check out "The Building of a True Blessing." . All the tile, appliances, cabinets, drywall, showers and more - I bought at auction. All of the decoration, wallpaper, paint, etc - I did - cause after cause overruns in an amount that I don't care to discuss - we had to do a lot of the finishing ourselves.

Anyhoo - I finished the family room today by finally hanging the valance and putting the curtains up. Whew. I sanded the fireplace (it was originally fuchsia) & painted it white. Added the bronze tiles to the mantle piece, painted the back wall in a rust "sand textured paint", hung the textured wallpaper, picked all the art, Ron selected the carpet in Turkey, and wha la! we be finished. I love it. It is warm and inviting and leads right into the home theater which is behind the french doors. Here are some pictures of the finished project...

Oh, and P.S. I don't care if you don't like it...we do. Everybody has their own decorating tastes so if you don't care for it...keep it to your dang self or Uniqua is going to make an appearance.


  1. Love it! Though I am betting the pictures aren't doing it justice.

    See you soon!
    P.S. as it turns out, I am not a soccer mom...I'm a wrestling mom!

  2. That room looks so inviting and warm. Great job! :)

  3. Anonymous7:19 PM

    You did an amazing job on the renovations.