Reflections from Captiva Island

I arrived today on Captiva Island, Fl for a Cardiology Conference. My major institutional account is hosting the conference and I'm here to meet and greet.

Although it is supposed to be beautiful down here (and it is), I really didn't want to leave home. I just got home and there is a lot going on at home. I feel like I'm gonna miss something.

That "something" being the beginning of a new adventure, a new phase of Ron and my life together. I can feel the excitement in the air, that electricity or change in air pressure when something is about to happen.

We've had several of these periods in our life together....
1. The Academy Years - our dating, making it through West Point which all came to a climax during Grad Week. I remember the moment...right after Recognition Parade (I bet my Mom remembers, cause she was there after the parade when I just couldn't stop bawling and didn't know why since graduation wasn't till the next day). I had arrived at the top of my first mountain - VICTORIOUS - and I was overwhelmed in the moment.

2. The Army Years - those were some tough, but fun years. Living together for the first time although we had been together for 4 years at West Point. WOW. I was not fit to be a wife, but Ron (in his infinite wisdom) grabbed me by my shoulders one horrible, confrontational night and said..."I didn't get married to get divorced. I saw something in you way back when, my diamond, and you need to get your s----t together cause I'm not going anywhere." Despite the fact that during the 1st 3 years of our marriage, I tried real hard to drive him away. (WHY? I dunno, cause I was stoooopit). Anyway, I snapped out of it at that moment and started my trek towards divadom. We decided our goal was to get back to West Point to be Outreach Officers, Ron developed a plan of action, we executed and orders were cut. This phase (in my eyes - Ron might have a different moment) came to a climax when I found out I was pregnant. It was a glorious year - we had so much fun - and we decided together to leave the service and strike out on our own.

3. The "Find" a Dream Phase - our 1st corporate job (with the same company), owning our 1st place, our new baby and Ron was still restless. He wanted more. More what? Stuff? He didn't know, but he wanted more so we was gonna figure it out. He decided that he wanted a "Dream Home"and to be a millionaire before he turned 40, but it was killin' him to figure out how he was gonna do that on just our paychecks alone. He met a co-worker who asked all the right questions and said all the right things to appeal to Ron's dream...and if Ron was excited then damn sure I was gonna be. (P.S. If you want to crush your knight in shining armor, crush his dreams and smash his ego - If you want to keep you knights fighting the good fight and delivering your hearts desire, shut your mouth and stand beside him). So we became Amway/Quixtar distributors...and the journey began.

4. The "Build" the Dream Phase - Over 12 years, we built a large organization, traveled the country and even opened up Amway South Africa. Ron and I built a network of friends & family that would rival any one's Rolodex. Ron met the realtor who (after 5 years of looking) found us the house we are still in (and expanded on) today on a trip back from showing the business plan to our organization in Chicago. That person introduced us to our financial planner (Ron calls him our "Rich Dad"), who got Ron to stop thinking that the ONLY way for an average guy to make money was through Quixtar. We build a real estate and asset management company from the ground up, at one time owning 9 properties at one time...and guess who handled the property management and finances for several years...MOI! When we started making WAY more money in our real estate ventures than in Quixtar - we had to walk away. I knew we were transitioning to a new phase of our lives when Ron could walk away from 14 years at P.fiz.er and venture out on his own.

So, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Ron is on the phone constantly, the fax machine and computer is about to explode. I swear that he is gonna get cauliflower ear from that dayum cell phone and carpel tunnel from the crackberry. But all Ron will tell me is..."Hold onto your spanx baby, what's about to go down will set you free (from the corporate world) real soon. Just hang tough with me, and we will be......


It is killing me not to nag, ask a million questions, nag some more...but I see the fire in his eyes - again - and when my man is on his game - well - stand back and watch him burn. I've been told that I WILL be put to work. No plain ole lady of leisure for me. Gotta brush up on my financial knowledge and math skills...He gonna make me CFO. HA! I'm ready with the runway walk and the princess wave. I can handle them books. BRING EM! Oh, and I have no problem spendin' some too. He actually told me to do some dream building while here and look (just look -see) at the beach homes and see what I like. Not a problemo.

Nevertheless, right now, I wanna be home. I don't want to miss the moment. I wanna be there when Ron finally hangs up the phone, closes his computer and says "Baby, the contract is signed. It is done." Champagne anyone?

The sunset was beautiful, but it would have been better - oh, so much better - if "RonnieBear" was here watching it with me.


  1. Wait... If you're CFO... Thats makes me truly your personal B-I-T-C-H! Damn... Gotta love the family business... But I am up and ready for the challenge and adventure that is yet to come... Lets getter done!

    Love YA! And the best is yet to come for the STEPTOES! TAKING OVER THE WORLD ONE DAY AT A TIME!

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Wow. I am in awe of your relationship and how strong it is after all of these years. You should both be commended! And you should write a "How To" book for the rest of us! Heck, if all else fails, that might be the real golden ticket! :)

  3. Hi Diva! What a wonderful and loving relationship you and your hubby have. It sounds like ya'll are in love and focused. It warms my heart and get my business juices flowing. *lol*