Sunday Afternoon in the Park

I spent a wonderful Sunday Afternoon with Cara. There are times when Cara gets on my last nerve and then there are times when she is just my mini diva - competing with me for the title role. This whole business of starting over with little people when we were SOOOOO close to being empty nesters occasionally tries the limits of my patience. I can say that she keeps us on my toes.
I decided to take her to the "Sunday in the Park" event, while Ron took Jordan to his Lacrosse game. My mother, Cara and I load up in the car at 12:30pm (the event started at 1:00 pm) and were one of the 1st 50 families in line. Lord have mercy...good thing we went early because by the time we left at 3pm, the line to get into the park for the festivities was going around the park and cars were parking anywhere and everywhere. People were waiting for a minimum of an hour to get in the park. No way. We had been through most of the activities by time most people were just getting started.
Cara loves trains, so we started at the back of the event to ride the train. The entire way she called out "Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Choo Choo!" I couldn't help but laugh. She seemed to be having the ride of her life. We then played "Needle in the Haystack" where they put turkey basters in this big pile of hay and the kids had to jump in and find one. Cara kick hay everywhere, thew it up in the air - screaming and yelling the whole time. Finally she found a baster and was rewarded with a toy, promptly putting it in her "Boo Bucket."

We then went on the "Trick or Treat Trail" where she got to get goodies from some of her favorite and not so favorite characters. Darth Vader & Shrek did not go over well and with a solid scream and a "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" we slid past those two to find Dora & Diego (a real BAAAAD version), Bob the Builder, Snow White & the Wizard of Oz crew. I was glad to see that they had some healthy alternatives cause Cara is trying to work the pure sugar diet and I am not havin it. Right now she only eats when she is practically starving cause we won't give her cookies and candy all the time. If you won't eat "real" food then I guess you won't eat. She eventually comes around but not till she is about to have a hypoglycemic melt down. Works my nerves.

Our last activity was to ride one of the ponies. My mother and I are standing in the line thinking to ourselves that we are gonna stand here for an hour and when she gets to the dang horse, she is gonna have a hizzy fit. We slowly move forward and I'm getting that sinking feeling when she starts fussing and says she is scared. Turns out she was scared of this character called Nelli the Bat. He was kind of scary. We arrived at the front and all Cara could say was "My Turn, My Turn." She loved the pony! Shock & Awe. Didn't want to get off the beastie.

By time we finished the pony ride, the masses of people at the park rivaled the Howard County Fair. We made a bee line for the car and Cara's sweet disposition melted down. She was exhausted and just fell apart. I ended up having to carry her to the car - she be heavy. She took a 30 second nap in the car and got her second wind. She is a trip.

All in all, a good day with my mini diva.

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  1. So, when you putting in the stables? You know you could get a goat as a companion animal for her pony.... LOL LOL LOL