Personal IT Department

I am Ron's Personal IT Department. I have just spent the last 4 hours FIXING/DEFRAGGING/DE-SPYWARING/REGISTRY EDITING/DELETING/DOING BASIC MAINTENANCE on his MFn' laptop. As much as I love my man...he is that computer idiot that ran away from the computer village. UGGGGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Save me from the madness....

I have told him time and time again that he doesn't need to save the email in 3 different folders as well as the documents attached in triplicate. I have remindhim on numerous occasions to backup his crackberry. I've told him over and over to run the spyware program (even taped a note to his desk). NO you can't store 100GB of photo's on a 50GB hardrive. NO you can't just hit escape and make it all better. NO you can't just close your laptop and walk way when you get an error message and think it will go away. NO Ctrl-Alt-Del is NOT a fix all. Can you say that I am pulling out my hair.

So, this afternoon, Ron calls me on my cell to tell me that there is something wrong with his outlook.

Ron: Lisa, somethings wrong with my laptop.
Lisa: Uh Huh. What seems to be the problem?
Ron: I keep getting an error message when I try to delete something and it keeps sending the same message over and over.
Lisa: And, uh, how long have you had this problem.
Ron: I dunno. This is new but I've had other errors going on too.
Lisa: And you didn't do anything about it?
Ron: Uh, no. It wasn't bothering me much then. This is a problem.
Lisa: And you want me to fix it.
Ron: You're a borderline genius, right? I'll be right home...but can you look at it for me.

Okay. So, I stomp upstairs - like I don't have nothing better to do - and start messing with his computer. First, I look at all the crud he has on the laptop - UNINSTALL. Second, what is all this crap running in the background? - MSCONFIG - STOP those puppies from loading at start up. Ran SPYBOT - removed 44 errors/spyware. Ran AntiVirus software - nothing. Analyzed harddrive - DEFRAGED and removed all unnecessary files. Researched outlook error message on my computer, implemented solution. Ran Fix/Restore for outlook - fixed the problem (at least temporarily). He is back up and running.

While I was doing all this, I fixed martini's for my mother and I, while Ron went to pick up J-Man from his girlfriends house and pick up some dinner.

He thought it was hilarious that he got us food from Akbar - an Indian Restaurant....cause I was like tech support in India. There are moments when a good open palm slap to the mouth need to be rendered expeditiously.

I didn't even get paid. Only a Foamy Rant - Tech Support III could say it better.


  1. LMBO @ THAT VIDEO!!! Salesdiva...that was hilarious...

    I'm sure the hubby appreciates it a lot more than he lets on.

    Thanks for the visit :-).

  2. You are an awesome Lady! Thanks for visiting so much on my fledgling blog. You're the best!

  3. See...if you weren't so dang FABULOUS you would have nothing to complain about because no one would expect you to be able to do anything.



  4. At least your husband is nice enough to bring the thing to you. My father calls me over the phone trying to get me to fix his stuff. And he ain't bothered himself with learning the basics that are required for me to do that!