Work Release Program

Sooooo, my sister is now in the Work Release Program through the Maryland Divison of Corrections:

The Work Release Program enables inmates who have demonstrated positive work ethics in the Division of Correction to work for a private employer in the community.

The Work Release Program is highly structured with supervision requirements that help the offender to be successful as he/she attempts to bridge the gap between incarceration and return to society.

Inmates often learn skills or acquire trades enabling them to maintain jobs when they return home. The Work Release Program is an important tool in reducing recidivism as work release employees are strongly motivated to succeed in any position they are offered.

Guess where she is working? Burger King down the street from the Detention Center. I'm glad that she has got a job, but my long term concern is that Burger King is not going to enable her to survive on her own once she is released. The family subsidy program will have to be re-instated in order for her to stay off the streets and out of jail.

The initial "Get Prepared for Your Job" investment came to about $400+. My sis got a 2 hour pass to go to the store (My (our) mother, picked her up and took her to Walmart) and get stuff for the job. $350 dollars later and she had pants, shirts, underwear, makeup, pajama's and other sundries that, since she is now in work release, she can take with her back into the detention center. Mom also got her a $50 cell phone top-off card so she could stay "in touch" with the family, prison & job while she is working. And then I had to top off with $50 on her Correctional Billing Phone line (the phones inside the prision - cause you can't use your cell inside). So, why or why do you still call my house COLLECT (.87 cents/call)?

Sis wants me to come on down to the Burger King so she can "hook me up". Have you lost your ever lasting mind? Besides the fact that I don't eat fast food, I do NOT want her to parade me around the BK introducing me to all of her co-workers and manager. And that is exactly what she will do. Not so much. No. I had to tell her don't mess with the "hook ups" and lose your job because of it. Just don't go there. Don't do anything to jeopardize your job and land you right back in general population.

Anyway, after over 20 years of dealing with sis, I gotta be careful. I've learned the hardway on too many occassions that while she's grinning in your face, being all sisterly and whatnot that I've ended up with something missing. I've ended up with a police officer in my house trying to execute a warrent for my arrest because my sister was using my driver license and name as her own. I've ended up with checking accounts drained dry, equipment missing and then sold...the story goes on. So my not wanting to spend a lot of time hiding my purse and clutching the jewels, is why I'm reluctant to visit her anywhere...including her job. My turf, my rules...I run the game.

I wish her luck with her new job. I pray that this works out and is start of her "return to society" as a legal participant. We will see.