Are we all Cold-Hearted?

Is it true that my fellow man are, more often than not, a bunch of callous, uncaring, don't-give-a-shyt-if-it-affects-me bunch? I witnessed something last night that has nagged at me since it happened and it just makes me sad.

I was out hosting a dinner for a group of young physicians last night. At about the time we were finishing dessert, in come a bunch of DC Fire Department, Paramedic & EMS personnel. Oh, my - what's going on? This older man (probably in his late 60's) is slumped over in his chair, with his forehead almost touching the table. The paramedics seemed to just be looking at the man, trying to get him to wake up. They pulled out the defibrillator, but ended up not using it. They spent about 10 minutes just "looking at him". Two of the doctors that I was with offered their services to the EMS personnel, but they politely told them that they had it under control and if they need their help then they would call them over. "Please sit down." OOOOOkaaaay.

Finally, they brought in a stretcher and wheeled the guy (still passed out) of the restaurant. Nothing to see, move along.

THEN....the 3 other people who were having dinner with the man who just got taken away to the hospital in an ambulance...SAT BACK DOWN AND FINISHED THEIR DINNER. *Blink**Blink**Blink* WTF. Not one of the people at his table bothered to go to the hospital with the man. Tell me that it is just my crazy self. Tell me that that isn't one of the most callous, cold-hearted things you have ever seen/heard. One doctor at my table, just shook his head and said it is really gonna be hard for the guy when he wake up in the ER with not a friend in sight. Another person suggested that maybe he was their boss and they hated him. SOOOOO WHAT! Even IF I hated my boss, I would at least go to the ER with the person and make sure that someone was called. I'm not saying that I'm gonna sit there all night or anything (maybe I wouldn't go either), but I'd at least make sure somebody gave a damn and then be on my merry way. Is that too "Good Samaritan?"

I just pray that if I was hurt, sitting on the curb, in a restaurant, or where-ever, that somebody would stop and say "Are you alright, Are you okay?....Somebody get help....You'll be fine". Rest assured, this Diva will NOT turn the other way, walk over your bleeding body, or just let your injured self fend for yourself. Lisa WILL get help...you will be fine (or at least in better care).

Call me crazy if ya want. I thought it was cold-hearted and it saddened me.


  1. Are you SERIOUS??? This is unbelievable. I mean, how could they even sit down and have a meal after something like that??? Someone passes out at DINNER, and they get carted off and its back to 'good times'?? Thats CRAZY!!! My mouth is W-I-D-E OPEN!!! :0

  2. I would come to the hospital with you, Lisa.

  3. Dang...I would have at least taken his cell phone and called his family!! But to just sit back down and eat?? WTH??

  4. Wow. They kept eating? Not knowing if he was fine or not? I hope I never get that 'cold'.

  5. Yes, that's just downright cold. I wouldn't have even had an appetite afterwards because of me worrying.

  6. Girl you know I'm right there with you. Folks are idjits. HUMPH!