We Had Visitors....

The Pollhein's Came a Visiting....

The Lemon Drop Martini's were definitly on point. I also made Sidecars - I'll get the recipie for ya later. Yeah, we put away some adult beverages.
Ma' Shrimp Scampi was the bomb - not even a scrap left.

Great and Awesome Friends...The ONLY people I know on the face of the earth that can visit with FIVE children and I not want to shoot myself in the head within the first hour.

Terri even got up at the crack of dawn (no kidding, like 5am) and completely cleaned the kitchen, even hand washing the pots and pans. When I finally dragged myself out of the bed to join her (I usually can't do earlier than 6 or 7), she was fixing me a cup of coffee. WOW! and WHEW! I needed it.

Back to work...BUMMER.