Usual Suspects - Laser Tag

The Usual Suspects crew was at it again. This month we played Laser Tag. Why ya gonna take a Diva who still occassionally has flash backs back to her days in the Army & Jungle Warfare Training out to play with a gun...even if it is just a laser gun? WHY? I got all into it and was really disappointed when they had rules and whatnot...No Running...No Physical Contact...WTF? How am I supposed to take that little 12 year heathen, Megan, out if I can't knock her out. Yeah, we had a bunch of young people playing with us and let me tell you...it was a good thing that they had dem rules cause I was all ready to go Rambo on some rugrats.

I did have a moment (or two) in the "Hall of Briefing" - what is up with the no flash camera rule? Safety monitor said that the flashes could cause seizures. WHAT? And the flasing red lights on the gear wouldn't? Hmmmmm.

Anyway, I had another wonderful time with the Usual Suspects. I about to have a stroke with planning February's event...what to do, what to do....I should have picked June.


  1. KillahDiva! Going rambo on the rugrats - priceless! I had so much fun & dinner was a blast. I have one question - did they train you to ambush and kill in heels?! ROFL!! You were keeping it fabulous!

  2. Only an AKA would show up to Laser Tag in heels. LMAO. Get em Rambo!

  3. I was getting a bit scared for the kiddies around you. ROFL!

  4. Laser taggin the rugrats!! hahahahaha
    They did make good little targets didn't they?? LOL
    fun fun fun...I can't wait until February!!!

  5. Look at ya all competitive. Thinking about giving the 11 year old a chop to the throat just to win!

    Bet that was fun!