I Know- It WILL Grow Back

Only in the Steptoe household...I leave the house for a doctors appointment. I leave Cara in the hands of 3 adults and 2 teenagers. It should be no problem, right? WRONG. I'm gone for about 15 minutes and I get a message on my phone with a picture attached from my ADULT daughter. "Ummm, do you notice anything different?".

I look at the picture quickly....I am in the middle of a PT session for my knee and reply "No?". Erin immediatly calls me on my cell and says, "Uh, you don't notice that Cara cut her ponytails off almost to the hair band?" WTF. I take a closer look at the picture and tell Erin, I can't discuss this right now, and hang up.

My Princess Mini-Diva went from this....
to this....

Cara BooBoo Kitty had gotten ahold of a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off her ponytails. Then she hid the scissors and the hair in her pockybook. I get home and ask my man - the senior adult in the house - what the hell happened? He said he was working in his office and thought the other kids had everything under control. Obviously not. He said he was so upset (cause he had spent so much time learning how to do her hair and to work a flat iron & stuff) that he had to "snatch her up" and make sure she understood about not using scissors. I think "snatched" meant that someone got her behind tagged. I pretty sure somebody got a beat down cause the minute I walked in the door, here comes Cara...."I'm sorry, mommie!" Took the wind right outta my sails.

I give the evil hairy eye to all the other adults & teenagers in my household, mooching off of the government tit. They should have known better. But I have to give it to Erin & Ashley (my "other" daughter), by the time I got home, they had started redoing Cara's hair. Ashley is very good at cornrowing and had started creating a very pretty new style in Cara's hair for Easter. Whew.

It is just hair....It WILL grow back.



  1. Yes...you're right. It WILL grow back but somebody woulda got POPPED for not watching that baby! Humph!

  2. WHOA. I would have came home and beat EVERYONE ELSE in the house for no keeping an eye on her too :)

    At least she didn't hurt herself. And they will make for great pictures to show at her wedding!!!

  3. Cara is adorable - I love that she put the hair in her pockybook! LOL I would have paid to see your face when you got home!

  4. I would have been furious with the babysitters! When Mikaela, my now 10 year old was around 4 or 5, she took the scissors to her bangs. I know the feeling!

  5. kids move faster than you can blink.

    even if she were in the same room with them, i'm telling you, they wouldn't have been able to stop her!

    ask me how i know.

    yup, i was 5 when i cut off one of my ponytails. i was in the bathroom with my mom at the time. she was taking a shower and i was supposed to be brushing my teeth.

    moms got out the shower and well......everything was a blur after that.

    i'm still living so, i guess she killed me only partly. LOL

    awwwwwwww...bless your daughter's heart---i'm sorry mommie!!!!!!

  6. I would simple like to say.. That this incident could have happened at any given moment... I can not be held liable to what a creative four year old can do while still making a hell-a lot of noise... which makes everyone believe all is good in the house....

    she is a mini diva ... and wanted a new do.... just trying to stay fresh in the game!

  7. LOL! LOL! Pop Pop did NOT spank that baby! LOL

    Poor Cara! Good thing she's cute with hair or without.

    Did you take a photo of her hair today? I'd like to see it!

  8. Whew! I remember having that happen. My child was about 5 or 6 and cut the back of her hair. She later claimed she hated her hairstyle. This was the day or so after Easter too. SMH. LOL.

    I feel ya on the babysitters. Yet, I have to agree with Tanyetta, kids are fast and you cannot be on the 24/7.

    I remember I cut my hair at 3 right n my mother's face. It was a scary thing too. LOL. I got tore UP!

  9. Anonymous2:55 AM

    I was looking at the 1st picture like, I don't see anything wrong.

    Then I saw the chop. LOL