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I am a service snob. When I pay my hard earned money for something, particularly a service, I expect a certain level of customer service for my effort. I'm talking about the kind of service I ALWAYS get at Nor.dst.rom or Sa.ks. Whenever I'm in there, I know that the people are going to treat me right, they are going to go out of their way to ensure my satisfaction, and if there is a problem - they don't fight you, get rude or defensive, or refuse to help you. In all of these years of shopping at those stores, I have always walked away completely satisfied & happy...eager to come back and spend some more.

After my most recent rant about my Di,shD.eli'very from Le.t's Di.sh, I have to come back and give them the Diva Customer Service Seal of Approval.

Let's Review:
I spent an entire day waiting for my goodies and was furious after calling 3 times getting assurances that it was on its way. At 11pm that evening, I went outside to every entrance to the house and looked for my box - no joy. I left a rather hostile message at the local LD and and email. As you recall, I also had a doosey of a day and had 3 other rants.

The next morning, I get ready for work and mention to Ron to keep an eye out for my LD box. He says, "You mean the one I put in the garage?". WHAAAAAAAAAT? R U SERIOUS! Ron proceeds to tell me that the box came around 11 or so and he moved it into the garage (amongst all our other boxes etc) and then forgot about it when he was putting some grass seeds on the lawn. I asked, "Didn't you hear me fussing, ranting & raving about my food delivery last night? Didn't you see me keep going to every door looking for the box?"
He tells me, "Well, no, not really, I wasn't listening, I was watching ________(fill in CNN, History or Discovery Channel or any other news channel that you so choose)"

I swear there are days where my knight in shining armour is not so shiny. Not so much. I could have just killed him. At that moment, I felt like I had a household of people riding on the short bus and I am the bus driver. Kill me now.

DAMN. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN. Now Imma have to apologize. Now, I gotta call the store up and let them know all is right with the world and I went off of them for nothing. At 9 am sharp, the moment the LD store opened, I got a call from Chris who started to apologize to me for the mishap and wanted to know if someone would be home cause he had put together a replacement order and would drive it over to my house himself. I ate me a big ole piece of humble pie and told him the story and apologized for being so testy and fierce on my messages. I wasn't rude, just demanding a resolution in a certain amount of time. He told me that he understood my frustration and hoped that I would be back. Of course.

But it was not over. I guess that someone at LD HQ does a Go.og.le search of their company name on a regular/daily basis cause within 12 hours I had this email from Rich the Co-Owner of LD in this region:

Hi Lisa,
I'm the co-owner of Let's Dish! in this region. I received this blog alert early this morning. Naturally, I was concerned and with the help of a number of colleagues, dug into all available info to try to solve your problem. We assembled new meals just to be safe and were prepared to drive them personally to your home. I've since been informed by our GM in Columbia, Chris _______, that you two spoke and that you had your meals and are all squared away. I'm very glad to hear that. Sounds like it was a miscommunication with UPS-- when we do have problems with delivery, which is rare, this tends to be the nature of the problem. If there is more to the story that would help me think about how to avoid these types of issues, please do share with me.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and I'm glad you now have your food. I hope you enjoy it. Since I'm writing you anyway, I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you a bit about our process and why we do it like we do it.

Rick goes on to explain in detail why they use U.P.S/Fe.d.ex, why the delivery window seems long, and why they did not have more information for me when I called. He even asked for my suggestions on how LD could improve on their system. Rick closes with this:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have other questions.
Thanks, by the way, for the kind words at the beginning of your blog. We appreciate those-- they made the rest of it easier to take! :) I'm just glad the reality ended up not being nearly so bad. We look forward to serving you in the future.
My best,

I sent Rick a note back thanking him for his follow up, added my suggestions (giving the customer the tracking number was one) and told him that I would write a follow up.

LD went above and beyond the call of duty, especially when the issue was no fault of their own. I thank you LD and we are enjoying our dinners - in fact, Ron whipped up the Chicken Mole' Burritos that very night and I know they were a hit when my son whoofed down about 3 himself.

To everyone else out there providing products/services - excellent customer is like honey to the fly. It is an absolute must in my book.

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  1. Poor, poor Ron. That will teach him to move packages into the garage! LOL I can just SEE the look on your face when he told you! LOL LOL
    Poor, poor Ron!