Matron of Honor Duties -Part 2: THE BRIDAL SHOWER

Yesterday, LisaA. and I hosted a Bridal Shower for our girlfriend Val who is getting married on April 5th at the beautiful St. Regis hotel in DC. We had such a great time. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I think I bruised my kidneys. It was like a family reunion on several fronts. All of us girls that grew up together in Columbia and went to the same elementary, middle and high school were all in attendance (minus Travia who lives in FL) Then there were the bunch of us who at one time or another had all worked (or were still working) at P.fi.zer.

We played Bridal Bingo, Toilet Paper Wedding Dress & the "Find Prince Charming" Scratch off game. I put together a basket of candles (of all different colors representing a milestone in their marriage) and read the Candlelight Poem to Val.

CathyD (my personal trainer/torturer from H.ell) was gracious enough to play bartender for the evening...and yes, all of you lushes went through the biggest bottle of K.et.le One known to man. Cathy hooked up some of the best martini's ever! The girl was rockin the shaker. One of the funniest moments of the evening was when my grandmother leans over to me (acting like she was whispering - but not really) and asks "Lisa, which one of these little girls here was the one that you always fought with in school?" Cathy goes (because g'ma did NOT really whisper), "That would have been me. But we're all grown up now g'ma Willie. We can't even rembember what we were fighting about." G'ma Willie, in her infinite, but uncensored, wisdom says "Well, baby, you guys fought cause you both were so much alike and didn't know what to do about it. Instead of recognizing a kindred spirit, you tried to beat each other down. Glad your friends now." Grandma Willie knows her stuff.

Ron gave a wonderful toast and then we cut another one of my mother's masterful cake creations...and I know it was good when people started to ask for the foil. Then we had the grand finale for the evening...I invited our dance instructor over to give Val & Manny dance lessons, since neither of them had much in the way of dance skills (but at least Val can do the Electric Slide...Manny - no so much). Another classic moment....when Ron comes upstairs to tell us when had to stop stomping (from doing the ChaCha slide) cause we were "breaking the house." You'll see in the video below that we paid him no mind.

You'll also see CathyD & KarenG had had a little TOO MUCH martini cause they took to the dance floor with their rendition of "The Bump". Uh Huh, ladies, ladies this won't look as good at the wedding in cocktail dresses - Not so much. Push away from the table and say No More K.e.tle One for me, Ma!

If the Bridal Shower is any indication of what is going to go down at the Wedding Reception, I'm not sure I have enough memory on my camcorder to capture all the blackmail. Hmmmm. Good Times.