When Re-Gifting Pisses Me Off

My sociopath sister and all of her associates just continually PISS ME OFF!!!!! Ugggggaaaaaahhhhh! My sis sends me a Visa Gift Card for Cara's Birthday. She got it from one of Cara's alleged family members on the alleged father's side (did you follow that - My sisters baby daddy grandmother or godmother or something). Laura told me that they really wanted to do something nice for Cara since I've been so good to her. (What da hellz do you think I would of done?)

So here I am a couple of weeks later at the To.ys.R.U.s website looking for something to get the Princess. NO CAN DO. Card invalid. Ooops, I think, maybe I forgot to activate the card. I go to the card website...enter the numbers....CARD INVALID. I call the 800 number. Well, the card is still valid (in theory), it is just well over a year old and once it went a year without use, then a monthly "bank" charge was assessed at $4.95/month, leaving only about $10 on the card.


The man on the phone tells me that I will have to use the card by midnight tonight to avoid another $4.95 charge and it would probably be best if I added some funds to the card to keep it current.


I told the gentleman to just keep the card. It's not worth the aggravation and I'll just my own money. WHATEVER. It is just so typical. So, these alleged relatives have had that gift card sitting in the drawer or their wallet for over a year and since they never got around to using it, they figured they'd give it to Cara as a gift. I know it's the thought that counts and they had good intentions, but the road to hell was paved with good intentions too.

Cara's bio-dad and the family "want to be involved" and "want to help out", then by God, why in the hell don't you SHOW up from time to time. They could have EASILY come to her Bday Party - they knew about it - it was at the FREAKIN Mall!!! They could come to any number of family events - we live in the same dang area! Just go ahead and pluck my last nerve. Why don't you send a money order for that child's tuition and special tutors? Hmmmmmm. Cause in reality, Cara is just an after thought. Not one of you jumped up to fight us for custody. Not one of you showed up at the hearings. Not one of you called, asked questions, NOTHING. These people just irritate the hell outta me.

And this whole gift card thing was just the THE last straw.

I know that my sister didn't purchase the card herself, but it is just SOOOOOOO typical of what would happen when my sister or any of her associates are involved. DRAMA. DRAMA. DRAMA.

And since she is on work release, I can't call her till tomorrow morning (she working at the Burger King 10-3) to read her the riot act. I'm not even gonna bother since I will only raise my blood pressure and she won't even be fazed.

Okay, I got it outta my system. Imma go kiss my mini-diva nite-nite and buy her something anyway.


  1. Dear Bourgeouis Blogger,
    (LOVE that! LOL) I'm sorry you're sister is an ass. Thank God that baby has you and Ron to love and take care of her.

  2. Too funny! *lol* I've NEVER heard of a re-gifted, gift card! Ha, ha, ha!!!

  3. Really? An old azz re-gifted gift card?! Wow, that's super triflin! I don't blame you for being pissed, but, I'm glad you decided to blog it out and let it go.