I'm Pissed at Let's Dish...and other Rants

I have really enjoyed Le.t's D.is.h. I'm a working gal with a house full of people and I still want to be able to bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan for my family as well. I discovered LD where I could spend 2 hours and put together 12 complete dinners for my family and then in 20 min to 30 min fry it up in pan/oven. WhaLa! I can still work (not much longer), fit in some gym time, attend all the school events, lacrosse games, function as CFO for my husband's delio's and manage a sit down dinner with the crew.

Scoff if you want. It is a myth that you can do and have it all with little effort. Sacrifices are made and I do my damndest to hold it together as a family. NEWay...I didn't have 2 hours to put together this months selection, so I did D.is.hDe.liv.ery. My selection was to arrive TODAY! I have called 3x wondering where the HE.LL is my food, DAGNABIT....I kept getting the run around that it will be delivered today. Nobody would give me the freakin tracking number. It is now 11pm and I'VE GOT NO DISH. WTF?!!!! Of course you log on and you get no additional information. No tracking number. Just my order number as if it has already been delivered. Ugggaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Where the heck is that drink!!!!!

Other aggravations in the last 2 days-
1. Outsourcing Technical Support. So, my son's BRAND NEW LAPTOP that he got for Christmas, the Ali.en.wa.re super computer that can play any computer game known to man that required a small business loan to purchase, decided to have a meltdown last night. This time I did not get someone from India on the phone but a guy named Vladimir (no kidding) who sounded like he was being held hostage in Siberia. He walked me through a 2 hour fix. KILL ME NOW! But he could not answer the question on how a computer that is less than 4 months old, crashes just like that. He gave me this long convoluted story that made absolutely no sense and then when I repeated back what he told me and asked if it sounded logical to him, he said, "Well, no really, Mizz Stephoe (WTF), but it iz pozible." WHATEVER.

2. Piss Poor Prior Planning on your part DOES NOT consitute a CRISIS on my part. There is a hospital rep who went on vacation for a week, knowing that she has a dinner program the day after she got back. I get a phone call last night from the freakin' airport asking if she can borrow my In.Fo.cus machine for the program. Sure. If you come get it. "But Lisa, I live an hour and a half from you." Uh Huh. But I have things to do, people to see, appointments to keep. I'll leave it outside for you. If you want it, that's where it will be. She tells me that she will come straight from the airport since it is only 10 min from my house and then she'll go home. She doesn't do it. Leaves me a message this morning about finding a place to meet her today. I ignore the message for 2 hours and call her back to tell her that the machine will be where I said it would be. She whined for a while thinking that I would make arrangements to suit her. Not so much. She eventually came and go it. She knew she had a program, she knew what she needed to make it successful, she knew she was going on vacation. MAKE SOME DANG PLANS. It is not my responsibility to bail you out cause you are trying to pull something outta yo azz at the last minute. Humph!!!!!

3. Don't make promises/Don't write a check - you can't keep/you can't cash. I had another person ask me to help get some textbooks for some doctors. I get them and we have been going back and forth on arranging a time to deliver. Uh Huh. I get a message that this person PROMISED the books at a certain time and needs them "Sooner than Later." WTF? I've told you when I can and can't deliver. Guess what...here is where I will be, when and where. You want them before the dates I gave you, come get em. I get a message back that they are busy on the days I gave to meet me so they will have to "settle" for the original delivery dates I gave. That's Damn Skippy! Humph!!!!

I really just want to BEAT THE SNOT outta somebody. I've counted to 10 and have exhaled.
Anybody else have a day or two where if just ONE MORE PERSON plucks that last nerve you got, you will be a future episode on C.SI and L.aw & Or.d.er?


  1. I think some is in need of a serious V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! Before you go postal... wait... your already there!

  2. Hey! "Damn Skippy" is my comment! Love the Diva rants, baby! You really are awesome to do all you do for that family of yours. We're so proud of you.


  3. Dear Lisa,
    I love you, honey! Forget the rest of that crap you are my diva hero!
    Let me call you tomorrow and tell you how much I appreciate your email from the other day and my adventures since then.
    Did I mention Gramma Willie called today?
    Love to Ron and the kids!