Beauty is Expensive

This week I have spent what probably most people would consider a goo-gob amount of money on "Maintenance." Tuesday, I went with a girlfriend to the Red Door Spa & Lunch for a ladies afternoon out. We each had a mani & pedi. These two services took from 12pm-2 to complete on each of us....AND IT WAS WELL WORTH EVERY MINUTE. That was the best mani & pedi I have ever had from the srub to the paraffin wax to the arm & leg massage. However, when she rang me up, I almost fell out and had a stroke (I played it off though as if it was nothing but a thing). I cost almost 3x more than I would have paid at the little shop around the corner. Whew! I have to tell you that my hands and feel still look and fell wonderful, but damn.

Yesterday, I went to my salon (yeah, it's a salon - not a shop) to have my color done. My hair looked fantabulous when it was all said and done. This white girl (who just received her Master Red.ken Colorist Certificate) can do some hair! I asked her about the "Michelle Obama Relaxer" and she laughed and said I didn't need it. I haven't had a relaxer in my hair in over a year, thanks to my girl and her tutelage, and it still lays like I want it. She hooked up my "bob", recommend some products, and sent me on my way. LAWD HAB MURCEY! When they rang up my service & products, I had to call the bank to ask for a small biz loan. Da Hell! I can't even bring myself to say the total cost w/tip but it was WAY over a c-note.

But DAMN my hair looked good. Beauty Maintenance IS NOT cheap. Not by a long shot.

Here are some pics of the hair:


  1. You look gorgeous, but show a full head shot so I can see the hair cut!

  2. Great color! Great cut! You look wonderful!

  3. Sounds AND looks like it was worth every penny of your spa treatment weekend.

    LUV the hair cut/style and color!!