My Best Friend is a MOMMIE!!!!!!!

Welcome to the world Maia! Born on September 9th, 2008. In this picture, she is 10 days old. I'm coming Maia, hold on....Aunti Lisa is on her way! I can't wait till your old enough for loud toys, playdo and weebles that wobble (stuff it down the drain, Maia, stuff it down the drain - that's my girl). You already have the look of power Diva Shopping!

See ya on Thursday, pumkin! Get ready for your film debut.

P.S. Manny & Val - GIMMIE MY BABY!!!!!


  1. Oh she's beautiful! Tell Manny and Val, congratulations from us!

  2. Look at my next spoiled diva!!!!

  3. Another baby I need to put on my "to steal" list.