Passive Agressive People - Part 2

You'll need to go back and read my original post on Passive Agressive People to get the whole story (and you might want to read the back story leading up to that rant and the post after that).

Here is a comment I received today on that post from months ago - from another passive agressive person (all Anonymous and ish):
Anonymous said...
With your aggressive language and attitude, it's no wonder people are passive-aggressive with you. Not blaming you for someone else's annoying behavior, but have you ever considered how your aggressiveness impacts the situation?

For those of you who know me and are my friends, who read here daily and don't pick and choose the posts (out of context at that), you know for a fact that I am not an agressive person. I may be direct, and to the point, but I am not the person my anonymous friend describes. Whatever. For the record, "people" are not, as a rule, passive-aggressive with me. The person I was talking about was that way and since her behavior and actions were done when I was not around, my aggressiveness could not have impacted the situation. You're very comment, anonymous and out of context, is exactly what I was talking about. Uggah.

If you find my writing here "aggressive" then don't read it. I wouldn't want to impact you in a way that made you a back-stabbing, ankle nipper passive aggressive.

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  1. Do people not realize the irony of commenting anonymously about passive aggression?

    That is HILARIOUS! Not too bright are we? Hmmmmmm?????