Random Thoughs/Sights from Manhattan

These are just some scenes and random thoughs/questions I had during my walk about downtown Manhattan and on the subway. Erin and I went shopping for Maia today and I just had to catalog a few sights/sounds/smells....

  • Toe nails so long and thick that they curl almost under the meat of the toe. Top that with crusty feet and you have NASTY.
  • Talking to yourself on the subway train.
  • Well dressed white children with black nannies.
  • Screaming and cussing ("you mother f*&&#ker.....") at the top of yoiur lungs on your cell phone.
  • No eye contact by anyone, especially on the subway.
  • Nail art galore
  • Lots of bad weave. Lord have mercy.
  • Nails so long they curl. eeeewwwww
  • Four very large (VERY) get on the subway car with us. Question? How did they get throught the turnstiles? Sorry, I diregress. Why do they have to be so gosh dang loud? Why. Loud and Ghetto fabulous. My eardrums almost burst.
  • Lord, I need to pay attention when picking a train to get on. Erin and I ended up in Queens. Oops. Good thing I can read a map.
  • Why do funky people not only smell like feet & azz but spicy too. What is that?

There was more but I got tired of pulling out my "handy dandy notebook" to write down everything I saw. I should have just recorded it on my phone. Hmmmm. Tomorrow is another day.

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