I'm so Proud

I am so proud of my man. Always am. He is an entrepreneur, a business man, a make it happen kinda man. Always has been, always will be. When he sees a business opportunity that will compliment or accent what we have already built, he seizes it. When he sees a way for us to make additional income utilizing our skill sets, that man works it out. Ron is a master networker, a shrewd business man...a man that takes care of his family.

This time he has taken what we have done in the private sector and leveraged those assets in the government sector. I'm proud of him, of his insight, and of the way he always includes me as his partner, as one of his advisers, as the keeper of the moola. The trust and respect he has for me, just makes me continue to want to be a better person, wife, business partner.

I put together our website for us. It's plain, but it has been working for what we need to do. Have a peek....

Pray for our continued success and blessings.....

Dare to succeed,

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