Friday Funky Randoms

I had a post in my head all ready to go, but stuff happened today that just set me into such an agitated funk- almost sending me to the drawer with the clonazepam. Instead I fixed a pitcher of The Usual Suspect (White Cranberry Juice, Champagne with a twist of lime - trust me, it's VERY tasty), cried a little into the glass, ate horrible junk food that tasted oh, so satisfyingly (is that a word) good, watch the end of Monsters, Inc with Princess Cara and climbed into bed pulling the computer onto my lap.

And here I am with whatever I was gonna write about completely vacated from my mind. I think it was the champagne. I'll just go with some Friday Funky Randoms...

- I hope all of "this" is worth it. I pray I survive it, or at least keep my sanity. What a damn shame it will be if I snap crazy right the day before the big win.

- BofA makes me so damn angry. They have a fee for everything. I have got to figure out a way to untangle the web of direct deposits and automatic deductions and switch to another bank. I just hate them.

- The workshop I went to last night on Protecting Your Brand While Leveraging Social Networking was very informative. I wish a couple of people that I recently had a run-in with would have attended. They would have learned a lot...particularly the part about knowing your audience & you NEVER know who is watching.
  • I can tell you this much...I would never do business with either of those people EVER as they both revealed with their reaction & behavior that they are not able to handle their "business and/or brand" with professionalism or decorum. Period. They both were reactionary & rude, indicating to me that behind the facade they were fakes. Oh Well. Live & Learn.
- Remember you never know who is watching...and doing just that...continuing to watch so they can be there when the drama happens.

- Like watching a train wreck or a reality TV show.

- It was great having Prince Jordan home for Christmas Break, but he has got to go back. Sad Face. My boy isn't a boy anymore. He made me the most awesome breakfast one morning. I'm sure gonna miss him.

- Imma need you to STOP calling me about "putting money" on your Boost phone. What part of NO do you not understand.

- Getting a drug on formulary at a hospital is no small feat. Try doing it at 16 hospitals. This is certainly testing my skills at prioritizing, let alone salesmanship. I'm exhausted.

- The FireMarshall is a very nice man, but some people mistake his decency for weakness and then act all damn surprised when he bites back. Foolish people.

- As for you and the bullshyt you pulled (and are still pulling), don't think that I have forgotten and am not watching how you handle your business. The shenanigans, lies, misdirection and just plain bullshyt you pulled, thinking that you could manipulate and take advantage of certain parties because you have this misguided notion that you are ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL is not going unnoticed and you WILL be held accountable. I recommend you take care of your obligation PDQ before you find yourself on the outside looking in. I have spoken.

- I need a vacation. Maybe I should just run away from home. Tahiti was nice.

- Haiti. My heart is broken. I had to stop watching the stories today...especially after hearing that the 11 year old girl who was finally pulled from the rubble died an hour after she was rescued. I just burst into tears. I pray and pray and do what I can. It's just too much to bear.

- My mother was dealt a job blow this week. She works at a large church as an admin assistant and they decided to make her position part time after 14 yrs. Told her 15 min before the staff meeting. The rest of this week, staff have been coming by telling her that they will "pray for her" and asking her if she will be okay. WTF DO YOU THINK? No, she is NOT okay. And instead of praying for her, she'd rather you PAY for her. Uggaaahhh. I'm sad for her. I know she is hurting, but, boy - she is one tough broad. I'm taking some more lessons.

-Princess Cara snores like she is sawing down a forest.

-Oh, Dear Jesus...I just watched the "body truck" in Haiti dump people into a mass grave. I can take no more.

And I scream. Maybe I'll take that Xan.a.x after all.