There are plenty of family food staples around here at True Blessings and one of them is whenever we watch a football game I have to make the "GO ARMY Nachos". The peeps around here will give me the side eye, stand around shuffling their feet - even pull out the damn pan - to give me the hint that I need to get to steppin and make the damn nachos.

It's a pretty simple recipe. Brown up some sausage (we like the hot sausage), drain, put back in pan, add a can of refried beans and a jar of cheese sauce, stir till bubbling and then pour over some chips. We like Scoops - cause why? - the stuff gets all up in the scoop. Yum. Top with some jalapenos, salsa, sour cream...whatever is your fancy and you have a quick nacho treat. Actually, it is kinda more like a damn meal.

I recently participated in a product spark that suggested using Old El Paso Green Chiles as a simple way to liven up one of my go-to favorites. Hell, why not. I figured I could add them to my GO ARMY Nachos and see what happens. They are supposed to be fat-free and only 10 calories per serving. I've never used them before but I was told that they are not spicy, but would add a unique flavor to my dish that the everybody would surely love!

I was sent an Old El Paso "Tackle the Taste" gift pack that included two free cans of Green Chiles, as well as a football-shaped ceramic serving platter, two sets of football-themed plates, cocktail napkins, and a themed table runner. Check this out...
Well, over the holidays, with a house full of company, I whipped up some my nachos, added the Old El Paso Green Chiles and WHALAAA!!!! DELICIOUS!

They lasted a hot damn minute. Devoured. Guess it was pretty yummy. The Chiles were a nice addition that did give the nachos a little umph. I put condiments on the side so people could add what they wanted and we had a group of happy football watchers. Add Gators famous Rum Punch (which now that I have commandeered the mixology - is actually MY famous Rum Punch) and you got happy, tipsy football watchers. That's what I'm talking about.

Well, I have to share the love so here is another contest for the you. Oh, come on...come out of lurker-ville and play along. It is really simple. Just leave me a comment and tell me how you would use the Old El Paso Green Chiles to spice up one of your recipes.

Everyone who comments will be entered to win their very own "TACKLE THE TASTE" gift pack. Winner will be announced Friday, January 15th. I want you to be able to TACKLE THE TASTE in time for Super Bowl Sunday Festivities (or whatever).

I look forward to hearing about your tasty treats.

BTW - Old El Paso provided me with the free product, information, and gift pack through MyBlogSpark