I meditate, I do yoga, I chant...

...and I still want to smack someone!

Go Figure.

I really need people to stop the passive aggressive bytchassedness. I really need people to own their own messiness. I really, really need people to STOP thinking they can just pop off at the mouth with flippant comments meant to try and steal another persons joy/accomplishments... I also need same person to STOP acting all shocked, with indignation and feigned innocence when they get their azz tagged right back and/or called out for that bullshyat.


I just hate that phony bull. I HATE passive aggressiveness. I want to STOMP OUT bytchassedness in all forms from the earth. Sigh.

A recent email just set me to wanting to pull out the tazer and tap it on someones neck - fo sho. Don't sit there, send me an email with no salutation, no introduction - no nuttin - and then smart off about with "In the future, if you plan on sending out an email to the entire distro list, you might want to try using spell check if you want to impress anybody." (actually, the word WAS NOT spelled wrong, it was missing a letter at the end making the tense wrong - I DID use spell check azzhole) DA HELL!? You didn't even sign the message either - punk.

I appreciate constructive criticism & feedback, but that delivery was just downright rude. And since I didn't know the person at all, it made it all the more rude to me as I had no context to reference it against. If that had come from someone I knew or had a relationship with, then I could read it again a couple of times and try to "hear" that persons "voice/tone" before I had a reaction. SIGH Not the case this time.

I replied to the sender with a message that basically said "While I strive for perfection in all my communications, use spell check and edit before hitting send, errors do still occur. My error does not in any way diminish the accomplishment sent." Essentially, I really didn't care if I had a word in the wrong tense that made the note writer unimpressed - not a damn. Boy, Bye.

Well, this idjit sends me a message back all upset that I reacted to his "thoughtful" message. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Thoughtful. Here's how thoughtful would have sounded:
Congratulations on the accomplishment. Just in case you didn't notice, one of the words was misspelled. I wanted to point it out in case you were planning to send this out to other media outlets. Happy New Year."


I would have been, OH! Let me get right on that. Thank you for the look-out.

This joker actually accused me of sending my reply to the whole distribution list (which I did not) and told me that he was outraged that I would react this way to his "thoughtful" message. Then he requested to be removed from the distribution list because "he doesn't have time for this kind of behavior."

BOY, BYE. You have been removed.

I don't have time either.

I think I'm going to have to do a double tomorrow before I shank somebody.