Who's Talking?

I am cracking up over here tonight. Last week, I put on a workshop for the DC/Baltimore Chapter of National Sales Network (I'm the current chapter president) on Protecting Your Brand while Leveraging Social Networking. Among numerous subjects we discussed, one of them was about putting "alerts" on your web site, blog or other sites/names that effect your "brand". I already used Goo.gl.e Alerts but decided to try out a couple of others...Soc.ial.Men.t.ion and Wh.o.stal.king. The last one is actually Who's Talking, but I kind of like Who's Stalking better.

So, I put in my website on who's stalking dot com and boy oh boy did a lot come up. One that has me laughing was a reference to a Nintendo Girlfriend Party I went to where I received a free Nintendo DSi. A blog posted by a "core gamer" was not happy about these parties and felt that real gamers were getting slighted. Ok. What made me holler was that he referred to me as a shopaholic blogger. Bwaaahaaahaaa.

In one fell swoop, you take "the bloggers with the most to say" and make them not only Nintendo fans but advocates as well. With little provocation, you now have an army of fashionistas, shopaholics, mommy-bloggers, businesswomen, and party
who will all blog about how great Nintendo is and how much fun your games are. Easy publicity and social broadcasting at its finest. Assuming these events produce [measurable] results, they're not a bad investment at all, especially if they bring more female gamers to the fold.

I also found out that I had been tagged in a few posts (pre google reader) from other bloggers and, well, I was a FAIL on responding. Sorry SingLikeSassy..I missed that one.

I found my go.og.le page rank...4...is that good or bad? Should I care?

Maaaannn, be careful what you put out there...I am listed on a Vol.vo website under X.C.6.0 news. Seriously?! I wrote one sentence in a random post that I loved the car and now my blog post is listed on their website as "car news." Bwaaahaaaahaaahaaa!

OMG! I am ranked at #75 on Twi.tt.er.ho.l.ics Top 100 based on updates in Maryland. I MUST have way too much free time. I don't really think I tw.ee.t all that much. WOW!

A website in China has linked back to one my New Year 2010 Handbook post. Damn...I had to translate it to figure it out.

This stuff is awesome, funny, scary.

When is the last time you checked your online presence...your brand? How are you doing?