2010 USNA Herndon Monument Climb

We are very honored to be a sponsor family to a couple of midshipmen every year. When The FireMarshall and I were Cadets at West Point, our lives and sanity were saved on numerous occasions by the sponsor family we were assigned. They were a Godsend.

Well, we don't live close enough to sponsor West Point Cadets but we are close enough to the Naval Academy and when I found out they they have a Sponsor Family Program, we signed up. We always ask for 4 kids and every year only about 1-2 of them end up coming around. That's okay - the ones that don't ever come around - ya'll sure do miss out, 'cause you know we be the "KoolAid Momma House". We know how to have a great time over here.

This past year we were assigned 4 Midshipman and only one, Mohammad Kahn, ever took us up on the offer to hang out...and he does a lot. We love it.

Mohammad was over last weekend and he invited us to come and watch the Herndon Climb. I have heard about it for years; saw it on the news; but have never seen it for real. I packed up the camera bag and trekked out to the Naval Academy.

I got there early, got a great spot and waited TWO HOURS for the thing to start...TWO HOURS for a climb that took 2 MINUTE & 5 SECONDS. Why so short this year...cause they didn't even grease the dag on thing. Why, you ask, did they forgo YEARS of tradition...cause the Superintendent was dissatisfied and concerned with the possibility of injury associated with the climb and wanted to stop the whole tradition. BAH HUMBUG to the Vice Admiral. HUMPH. Sounds a tad wimpy and whiny to me.

N.E.Way...it was fun to watch and to see the joy on all the plebes faces that they were "Plebes No More".

Congratulations USNA Class of 2013 on officially making it to the end of plebe year.